Week in Review

June 29, 2008

Yep!  I changed the look of the site.  I noticed that if I clicked off the main blog page, I couldn’t get back; so, I changed to the “skin” you see now.  Let me know if you like it.

So, as I mentioned a few days ago, this has been a busy week.  Zoe had her 1-year check-up on Monday.  She had some blood drawn to check for anemia (she’s good), and her lead levels (no problem) and then had a booster for pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (helps against meningitis).  Her pediatrician does not vaccinate for chicken pox or the MMR at the 1-year check; they generally do it at the 18-month.  So, she got off easy this time around.  Her “stats” are:

Height: 27.25 inches (5th percentile)     Weight: 17 pounds, 7 oz (4th percentile)

My mom, aunt, and uncle also were in town.  Check out the previous post for more info about that.  Kirk went to Chicago for work Thursday and was home Friday evening.  Saturday morning, Zoe decided to sleep in to (gasp!) 8 AM!!  It was wonderful sleeping in, and since she slept in as well, we skipped her morning nap and went to the pool instead.


 Amy ready to catch Zoe as she “jumps” into the baby pool.







Zoe shows off the elephant watering can.






Kirk and Zoe playing in the “big” pool.






Zoe hangs out in her float.  Because of the way the float is made, I can use her float as a kickboard.  Zoe loves motoring up and down the pool watching everyone as I do a little bit of kick work!


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