Where did my baby go?

August 24, 2008

Then.I can’t believe a year can fly by sooo fast!  It didn’t really hit me on Zoe’s birthday that she’s no longer a baby, but it did hit me last night.  It’s amazing to think that this time last year, we were at Aunt Melanie’s family’s lake house with Kirk’s brother, Kyle, Melanie, Reese, and Davis, and I was attempting to keep Zoe happy, which wasn’t working.  Also, I was very leery of leaving the house and going into public; not because of Zoe getting sick or anything like that, but because she was so unbelievably fussy/colicky that I never knew when she would get going or what would set her off. 


So, as I watch my now little girl eat her applesauce and chicken raviolis out of a bowl with a spoon, a fork, and her hands, I really am amazed at how much she’s changed and grown up.  I definitely don’t miss those 1st several months, but wow…

Anyways… Zoe is growing like a little weed.  It seems that almost daily, she’s doing something or saying something new.  So here’s the update:  

Communication: Verbally, she says: dada (daaa..), mama, bear, duck, up (dup), stuck, hot (dot), Ollie (Ah-e), hi, cheese, juice, all done, zeke (see), dog (uf-uf), hat (dat), bad (while looking at Zeke and holding up her 2 index fingers), and this (I think; she says, “dis” while pointing to whatever she wants).  Of course, to a stranger, most of the words aren’t understandable, but I know what’s she saying.  With her signing, she also says: more, all done, eat, drink, milk, please, nap/night-time, thank-you, and bath.  She also shakes her head no and knows that a dog says, “uf-uf”, and a cow says, “oooo”. 

Motor skills: sliding by herself (see previous post), trying to jump, throwing a ball, running (well, it’s between a fast walk and a run now), walking on her tiptoes, stepping up/down while holding onto a hand, occasionally kick a ball (walking into a ball on purpose), scribbling with crayons, and putting lids on and off containers. And, 1 fun thing – she thinks Zeke is for  riding.                                                                                          

Self-help skills: Helps with putting on and taking off her clothes, brushes her hair, if you give her a brush, knows that a toothbrush is for brushing her teeth (she just gnaws on the bristles, though), attempts to use a fork and spoon, and drink from an open cup with supervision.

Cognitive: She can follow simple 2-step commands (go and get a book) or complex 1-step commands (Zoe, your diaper needs to be changed.  Let’s go upstairs.)  Can match up the circle, triangle, and square shapes in a shape sorter.  On an icky note, she’s also throwing small temper tantrums, hitting Zeke (and, occasionally a parent), and occasionally has issues with separation anxiety.  Alas, Zoe is not perfect.

I almost forgot, you can’t see in the pictures,  but Zoe now has 3 teeth!!  YEAH!  Her top right tooth finally broke through the gumline earlier this week.  Maybe she’ll have all of her teeth just when all of her friends start losing theirs. :>) 

 On a more fun note, Papa Joe and Gramma Joanie were here last weekend.  They watched Zoe, while Kirk and I went to the Smashing Pumpkins concert.  (thanks again, mom and dad!)  We had a grand time, and to get us in the mood for football season, the grandparents did a little spoiling.                                                        

Whew…sorry this entry is soooo long, but I’m done now.  Have a great week!


2 Responses to “Where did my baby go?”

  1. annerw said

    zoe the cheerleader!! go tigers!!!!! love it!!! kate is now demanding an uniform too!
    love the pom poms! love the pic with zoe on zeke!

  2. Grammy Jenkins said

    Kirk / Amy thank you for keeping me up to date on my Great Grandchild’s progress – what a great year you (3) have had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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