Last Friday was Halloween, and every year, our neighborhood has a block party where all the kiddies dress in their Halloween costumes, the parents take side dishes, the hosts provide hamburgers and hot dogs, and there is a costume parade before all of the trick-or-treating festivities.  Of course, because most of the kids are under the age of 5, they don’t make it to our street (we only had 2 groups of trick-or-treaters), but maybe as Zoe gets older, we’ll start having more.  Here are a few pictures from the block party. ( BTW, I really don’t like the picture above of me, but since there are so few pictures of the 3 of us, I thought I would include it. )



img_1669 On the way to the party with “Bear” in tow.

img_1672Kirk and Zoe wait in line to show off Zoe’s costume.

img_1674 I’m not the best picture taker in the world, hence, Kirk’s head got chopped off, but I couldn’t resist showing how the “hat” was too big, and Zoe had a hard time seeing when she was wearing it.

img_16771 A random neighbors’ chair that Zoe thought looked comfy.


Baby, it's cold outside

November 6, 2008

Last week, Charlotte had a little cold snap, and Zoe was able to break in some of her winter garb.  Here are a few pics.











Busy, busy week

November 1, 2008

Yeah, yeah, I said that I would post stuff separately this week, but man, by the time I was finished with one thing, it was time to move on to the next.  Anyways… here’s some of the stuff Zoe and I did this week:

Music Together:  We’re taking music classes this fall, and it’s so fun to watch Zoe starting to interact with the other kids and to the music.  We were told to dress up for class so Zoe was a cheerleader.

Playgroups:  These all-important groups are the stay-at-home moms’ version of the business professionals’ happy hour.  It’s a chance to unwind (a little!) and catch up with friends while letting the kids run amok and entertain each other.  It really is a little like organized chaos with a ton of different conversations going on all at the same time, mommies running to their kid(s) in mid-sentence, and children laughing, screaming, and doing other kid-like things.  Oh yeah, and depending on the weather, we’re usually confined to a portion of the hostess’ house.

Fall Family Night:  Wed. night was Fall Family Night at Zoe’s play-school.  Very short, lots of fun, and pretty darn organized, if you ask me.  We had 30 minutes of entertainment, followed by Chic-fil-A picnic dinner (another 30 minutes), then trick-or-treating (called trunk-or-treating at her school) to each classroom for another 30 minutes.  By 7:30pm, we were done, and Zoe was in bed by 8:15; a little on the late side, but oh well, what can you do?  Zoe was dressed up like a duck, as you can see in the pictures (taken by Kirk).

<#1-#2: music class; #3-#4: Mon playgroup; #5-#7: Neighborhood playgroup; #8-#13: Fall Family Night

Halloween night: This will have to be a separate post, simply because I think there’s enough stuff here for now.

Whew…it’s been a busy but fun week.  Happy Halloween everyone!