Every year at Christmas, one of the Bank of America buildings allows “Leonard Bearstein” and his troupe of bears to erect a stage and sing a few of the traditional holiday songs.  The performances are free to the public and really are pretty fun to watch. 

Last year, a group of mommies and I took the light rail into uptown (most cities call the same area downtown) to watch the bears and grab some lunch.  All of the kids were little babies at the time and enjoyed just watching everything.

visiting-the-founders-hall-bears Last December.  Wow!  Zoe was really small.

This year was a totally different story.  All of the kids are now walking and even though they enjoyed looking and watching the bears perform, they quickly lost interest and found a more fun past-time, climbing the winding stairs of Founders’ Hall.

img_1779 Zoe and her “oldest” friend, Kate. 

img_1782 Amy and Zoe watch the bears.

img_17871 I think Zoe had more fun going up and down the stairs than watching the bears.

img_1788 Kirk and Zoe having fun on the stairs.

All in all, we had a great time.  And mommies, when you go next year, let me know; we’ll be here with bells on!!

img_17891 Who knew it would be so hard to get a picture of all the kiddos?  From L to R: Amy and Zoe, Anne and Kate, Kate and Aston, Alicia and Morgan


Santa, Take II

December 8, 2008

img_1771On Sat morning, the fam went to have Zoe’s picture taken with Santa.  Needless to say, picture taking did NOT go well.  So, this morning, I took Zoe to a different mall in Charlotte to try again.  I have to say, this Santa is the bomb.   He talked and played with Zoe as if she was his own grand-daughter, and we (myself and the “elves”) were able to get a couple of shots.


We also went Christmas tree shopping on Sunday.  I have no idea why, but tree shopping for us has always taken forever.  We end up walking the lot at least 3 times before we start seeing trees we like.  Of course, this year was no different.  I think it took us a little over an hour to pick our tree.  It seems as if all the good trees are either too small or too big.  Oh well…I like the tree we have and that’s all that matters.



img_17401Kirk, Zoe, and I hosted Thanksgiving this year for Kirk’s family.  We had a full house, but it wasn’t uncomfortably full, and of course, we had our usual share of adventures. 

Adventure #1:  Again, I somehow managed to goof up the turkey (and this turkey was pre-cooked!).  It was frozen, and I didn’t take it out of the freezer to defrost early enough, so after it was heated for an half hour in the oven, and Kirk went to carve it , it still had little ice pellets in the cavity.  Nice.  Kirk was able to carve it, and then we nuked the slices to heat them up; it was edible, but not very good.  In my opinion, the best part of the dinner was the spiral ham, homemade macaroni-n-cheese, and homemade baked apples.  Maybe, I should switch to having a ham dinner in the future…

Adventure #2: Zoe decided to come down with a little 48-hour virus.  She’s been battling a little cold for a couple of weeks, and a new virus decided to sneak up on her.  She was very pitiful for Friday and Saturday; so much so, that she actually ate lunch sitting on my lap and semi-sleeping on Saturday.  She’s now back to her perky little self, albeit a little on the cranky side because it looks like she’s trying to cut a couple of teeth. 

img_1699 Cousin Reese and Zoe

img_1704 “Hey, Davis!  I was here first!”

img_1706 “More swing, Grand-daddy!”

bradley-2009-calendar-pic The Bradley clan: Kirk, Amy, Zoe, Grandmommy (Nancy), Grand-daddy (Jimmy), Melanie, Davis, Reese, and Kyle