Zoe and the 2’s

June 26, 2009

We are all about the number 2 in our house right now: 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 dogs, and Zoe is now 2-years-old!  It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago, Kirk and I became a family of 3 with the addition of Zoe into our lives.  Since then, life has been one big blur of sleepless nights (in the beginning), lots of giggling and tickling, watching Zoe grow up into an adorable (I know, I’m biased!) 2-year-old toddler, and the addition of our 4th family member, Cole!!

Zoes bday  partyTo celebrate her birthday, we invited a few friends and their families out to dinner at Luisa’s Pizzeria, one of our favorite places to eat.  It was actually the first place that Zoe had true “solid” food in the form of pizza crust!  <Zoe and her friends: Kate, Aston, Mia, and Maisie.  Photo courtesy of Anne.>

Here’s a clip of Zoe blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.  Thanks to all the families that joined us!  We had a blast!

Here are the 2-year milestones:

On the Move: Like most 2-year-olds, Zoe is constantly one the move.  She continues to enjoy running and has become very proficient at jumping (including jumping off of the sofa. well, attempting…).  Her favorite mode of locomotion at the moment is galloping.  Also, she has become a little monkey; climbing up, over, and through anything that looks of interest as well as hanging off anything that looks like it can be hung on (i.e. towel racks). 

IMG_2356  Our little monkey hangs from the “high” bar at gymnastics.

Talk, talk, talk: I really think that’s all she does these days, and not just little one word phrases.  She loves to tell me about everything she hears and sees (she’s a bit of a tattletale on Cole, especially with the spit up).  She’s also beginning to remember which way to go when we get near the house – I hear this little voice from the back seat saying, “This way…” or “That way…” and pointing in the correct direction to get home.  Like some of her other friends, she’s beginning to tell stories as well.  The other night, she saw a picture of an owl in a book, and she promptly began telling me about the big owl that she saw in our dogwood tree in the backyard.  Sooo cool…   

Eating: Finally… the girl is eating protein and the occasional veggie!!!  Hooray!  Zoe LOOOVES hot dogs and is now eating the occasional chicken nugget, fish stick, bologna, and turkey.  She also has discovered corn, black olives, pickles, and spinach (cooked, on pizza).  I am sooo glad her plates are beginning to look a little more balanced…

IMG_2622 Zoe and her corn on the cob.

Smarts: Zoe can now “sing” several songs; her current favorites are: Rock-a-bye Baby (Rock Baby Tree), Jesus Loves Me, and Happy Birthday.  She knows the difference between one and two of something.  She’s beginning to learn about big versus little (big bite versus little bite and big doggie versus little doggie) as well as prepositions (up, down, over, under).  She knows when someone is being silly and will tell you that you’re silly, and she’s beginning to make up little games of silliness, such as taking a little bite of something and saying big bite when she knows it’s a little bite.  Her imagination is really soaring these days as well.  She was given a Kai-lan (cartoon character) doll recently, and she promptly began “talking” to it and then going over to her mini kitchen and cooking up some sort of meal that she gave to the doll.

IMG_2256A “game” that she thought was funny.  Not really sure what it entailed, but it made me laugh.

I Do It: Not only does she say this about just about everything; she really does help out quite a bit.  She loves to scoop the dog food into Ollie’s and Zeke’s bowls at mealtime to the point she has mini tantrum that she doesn’t get to help.  She loves to help put her clothes on, take them off, and put them in the laundry.  And, apparently, she helped put back all of the books on the shelves at the YMCA ChildWatch the other day.  Now, if this helpfullness lasts through her teenage years with more involved chores, it’ll be great!!!

Princess Traits: This category is not meant to be a compliment.  Zoe is beginning to act like all other toddlers – she has recently been heard saying, “Hit mommy, Zeke, Ollie, etc” and then promptly hits the designated target.  She also likes to throw herself backwards and attempt to run when picked up against her will (usually at nap time or bed time).  She’s beginning to become prissy – she doesn’t like sand in her shoes or to walk barefoot on sand, and when she falls she’ll go running to the nearest adult for them to wipe her hands off.  Also, she is now a whining pro.  Luckily, we don’t really get the full tantrum melt-downs where the kid will throw themselves on the floor and kick and hit the floor.  Well, not yet anyways…

So, there you have it.  Our love for Zoe and all things related to the number 2!  Zoe, I really can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year… Happy 2nd Birthday, big girl!!



Fun in the Sun

June 20, 2009

IMG_2428Last weekend, we took our 1st family vacation as a 4-some to Aunt Melanie’s Mom’s condo in St. Simons, GA.  We had a total blast hanging out with Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, and cousins Reese and Davis and getting a little salt air into our lungs.  Zoe didn’t completely love the beach; the sand was hot, and the ocean was way too big of a bathtub for her taste.  Of course, now that we’re back, it’s one of the two things she likes to talk about (the other being happy birthday).  On the other hand, Cole didn’t seem to mind the heat and did really well just laying on the beach on a blanket under an umbrella.

< One word for long, boring car rides: SUGAR!! in the form of a chocolate chip cookie.  Zoe was one happy camper until she got hungry for dinner.> 

  IMG_2540 Our umbrella city.  Notice Cole has his own private island.

Zoe and Daddy at the beach.IMG_2432

IMG_2487 Ahhh…is this what is meant by “sleep like a baby”?

IMG_2563 Reese holding Cole (the oldest and the youngest of the cousins).

IMG_2488 Zoe tries out Reese’s boogie board.

IMG_2546 Reese takes down Kirk using his karate moves.

IMG_2560 A VERY rare photo of all 4 cousins.

IMG_2571IMG_2577 Zoe and Kirk go for a bike ride.  Zoe had a blast on her first ride ever!!

IMG_2446 Zoe and Reese (her 1st crush).  One night, he gave her a good night kiss; she giggled and then ran away!


June 15, 2009


Today is Zoe’s 2nd birthday!  It’s hard to believe that she’s been a part of Kirk’s and my life for the past 2 years (not including while she was cooking in my belly)!  This picture is from her birthday last year.  Be on the lookout for this year’s photos in the upcoming posts.

Room With a View

June 3, 2009

Well, we’ve found our temporary home away from home while we’re living in DC!  It’s hard to believe that in little more than 2 short months we’ll be packing up and heading to the nation’s capital.  Check out our digs; it’s a very different type of living than what either Kirk or I are used to, but it’ll be a fun adventure.  For those of you who are curious, we’ll be living in the Liberty Tower apartments.  Here’s the website: www.libertytowerapt.com.

 libtowapt Courtyard side of the apartment building.


Views from our balcony.  Left – view of DC.  (The tall spire in the background is the Washington Monument.)  Right – view of nearby Quincy Playfield.

Just so there’s a little something about the kiddos.  Here’s a recent pic of the “3 amigos” hanging out.  I wonder if they’ll continue this relationship: Cole oblivious to Zoe, Zoe watching over Cole like a mother hen, and Zeke wanting desperately to join in the fun.