A Slight Rant

July 31, 2009

I think I have created a monster; a TV watching monster, that is.  Zoe has decided that when we’re home the best thing to do is watch TV, which is why we’re never home, and I haven’t been very diligent with the whole potty training thing.  In fact, she now knows all the characters’ names on Nihao, Kai-lan and Dora the Explorer.  On top of that, the 1st thing out of her mouth when she wakes up is, “Mommy, watch Nihao, Kai-lan?”  Arghhh!!!!  So, starting tomorrow we are having an “intervention”, and the TV is going to be “broken”.  Zoe is waaaay too young to be a couch potato, and I’m getting sick of constantly having the TV on.  Ok.  1st rant over.  Now to the 2nd one:

On Monday, I took the dogs to the kennel to be groomed.  (Not our usual groomer, but they were booked, and the dogs stunk to high heaven and desperately need a good haircut.)  So, I spoke with the groomer at the kennel, and I thought they understood what I was wanting: a long shave on their bodies (not to their skin), their ears shaped up, and in general get rid of the mats, oh, and to be careful cutting Ollie’s bangs because her eyelashes are really long and her bangs are not supposed to be shorter than her eyelashes.  This is what I got:

Zeke and his skinny little self.IMG_2848IMG_2845 Ollie (L) and Zeke (R)

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  Did you even listen to what I wanted?!!  Come on, I paid you good money to get a crappy job like this??!!  They’re HOUNDS, for pete’s sake!!  My poor dogs look absolutely ridiculous, and Ollie is embarassed (yes, she’s acting embarassed) about the way she looks!!

BTW, this is what they’re SUPPOSED to look like:


OK.  I got that off my chest…  Well, like any bad haircut, the dogs will one day be scruffy again; in the mean time, the apartment people will think we have small dogs. 

Currently, that is all from the Bradley household.  Hopefully, I won’t go completely insane with the TV intervention this weekend.  Maybe, I’ll get Zoe to help me work on cleaning the house and start packing…


Cupcakes and Tutus

July 22, 2009

Last week was a busy week for us.  Zoe had Dance Camp at Jami Masters Dance Studio all week; Cole had his 2-month well-check at the pediatricians, and we had 3 birthday parties.  Zoe had fun at camp; Cole is growing like a week, and we are all slowly coming off of a cupcake sugar high…

IMG_2761 Zoe in her dress-up costume and getting ready to do her “princess” dance with the scarf.







Zoe and her “helper”, Meredith. IMG_2785







IMG_2731Zoe in her leotard, tutu, and ballet slippers.

I think Zoe enjoyed herself at camp.  I’ve seen her (when she didn’t think I was watching) with her hands above her head and twirling and hold onto the top of a chair and bend her knees a la plie.  At her “recital”, she wanted nothing to do with Meredith or the dancing; she wanted to sit in my lap.  Well, maybe one day I’ll be able to truly see what she does when I’m not around. 

All of the fun birthday festivities:

IMG_2756 (2) Zoe at Kate and Aston’s birthday party.  You can check out their party on their blogs.  (Just a little side note, Zoe’s hair has now gotten long and thick enough that I can pull it back into pigtails to keep it out of her face!  As Zoe would say, “Hu-RAY!”)







Zoe, Kyrie, Kate, and Morgan at Morgan’s party. (Photo courtesy of Alicia.)

IMG_2829 The neighborhood was out in full force to wish Beck a happy 1st birthday!

A Visit From Grammy

July 17, 2009

On Wednesday, my Dad drove his mom (my Grammy) from Fayetteville to Charlotte so she could visist with the great-grandkids.  They were here just for lunch, but it was a great visit, and I really think that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Papa Joe and Cole having a “conversation”.100_0348

Grammy, Zoe, Cole, and Papa Joe hanging out in the kitchen.100_0344

Cole flirts with Grammy.100_0342

Grammy shows Zoe her handcrafted Russian necklace.100_0335

Grammy and Cole do a little bonding over “This Little Pig…”100_0378

Zoe and Grammy having some sort of conversation.  100_0358


Thanks for visiting, Grammy!  Come back soon!!

4 month stats

July 14, 2009


 Happy 4 month birthday, Cole! 

Today, we went to the doctor for Cole’s 4 month checkup (and 2 shots).  Here’s the lowdown:

Weight – 11.1 pounds

Length – 22 inches

New Tricks – Smiling (he smiles just about all the time!), laughing, holds “conversations” with you, bats at toys, will hold a toy if you place it in his hand, rolls from his tummy to his back, rolls from his back onto his side, and sits steadily with support (almost ready for the bumbo chair and high chair!)

Not quite there yet – We’re still working on getting him to sleep for more than 3 hours at night on a consistent basis.  He’s beginning to sleep 6-8 hours on occasion, which I absolutely love.  We’re also trying to get him to stabilize his nap schedule, but it’s kinda difficult with a busy big sister…

Big Sister, Zoe, at 4 months:IMG_0693 Weight – 12 pounds, 5.5 ounces

Length – 24 inches

Because the week was go, go,go this week, I decided that this weekend would be “lazy” – lounging in pjs, watching tv, etc, and no errand running.  Here are some pics that I took this morning.

 IMG_2729 Happy little boy.  Cole was the only one dressed until lunchtime.

IMG_2718 Zoe plays with her horses on her new playmat.  (Thanks, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, Reese, and Davis!)

IMG_2717 Zoe is beginning to work on some potty training, so she was running around half-naked.  Just look at the cute tushy!!          

  IMG_2713 Cole practicing his flirting.  This is his “So, how YOU doin’?” look.

IMG_2712  Not related to this morning, but I thought I would include it.  Zoe finished up an art class this week and here are 2 of her materpieces: a green “frog” and fishbowl.  She glued all the separate pieces, scrunched up the aluminum foil, and painted the dots on the frog by herself. Again, not related to this morning; the photo was taken yesterday at the pool by Grandmommy.  Thought it was cute…

 So, when did Cole get so big???  It seems like yesterday he was just this little blob that ate, slept, and pooped.  Oh, and yes, Cole’s eyes are definitely changing; I think they’re going to end up brown, just like Daddy’s. :>)