33rd (or is it 34th?) Bradley Family Reunion

August 23, 2009

The fam

The month of August is always a busy one for us with the family reunion, birthdays galore, and the beginning of the Clemson football season.  This year has proven no different with gearing up to head to DC.  I’m a little behind on posting, and I have a ton of posts to post, so I hope to post every couple of days. 

Anyways…Aug 6th-9th, Kirk, Zoe, Cole and I headed to St. Augustine, FL for the annual Bradley Family reunion.  There is some discrepancy as to whether it’s the 33rd or 34th, but I am definitely not the person to decide that.  We had a ton of fun, and Zoe loved hanging out with all of her cousins, grandmommy, and granddaddy.

 IMG_2864 Zoe, Cousin Sean, and Aunt Patty

IMG_2885 Grandmommy and Cole at the pool

Kirk and ZoeAmy and Cole


IMG_2895 Cousin Julia and Cole

Aunt Katie and Cole Aunt Katie and Cole

Aunt Katie will be turning a spry 95-years-old this November, and so that all of her family could wish her a happy birthday, we had a surprise birthday party for her.  Here’s a little bit of the party:

One of the highlights of this year’s reunion were balloons.  These balloons were not your ordinary regular balloons; oh no, after blowing them up, the kids would let them go, and the balloons would make this crazy sound and go really, really high.  Zoe LOVED these balloons and seen below. 


3 Responses to “33rd (or is it 34th?) Bradley Family Reunion”

  1. anne w said

    love the zoe pigtail closeup!

  2. Don Bradley said

    Please contact me – seeking information on Bradley Reunion St. Augustine, FL dwbradley@charter.net

  3. Don W. Bradley said

    Almost two years and no response?

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