6 month stats

September 29, 2009

dc pics 367Fall 2009 0046 months!?  Yikes!!  I can not believe that a few short 6 months ago Cole came into the world!  In a way, it’s a been a long, but short 6 months.  You know, I’ve said it before, but the second time around has gone a WHOLE lot faster.  I think back to Zoe’s 1st 6 months, and it seems like it took forever, and even though it’s been the same amount of time, Cole’s 1st 6 months have just flown by!!  So, here’s the lowdown on “baby Tole” as Zoe would say:

6 month stats: 

Height – 24 3/4″ (between 3rd & 4th percentiles)

Weight – 13.7 pounds (below 5th percenile)

New Tricks: Gross motor – Rolling, rolling, and more rolling.  Cole loves rolling around, pivoting around in a circle, and his newest trick – scooting backwards.  He can prop sit (sit with his hands supporting him) for about 3 seconds before he becomes the leaning tower of Pisa and does a face plant.  He’s also pushing up on his arms and is almost pushing into all-4’s. Fall 2009 059Fall 2009 060 Fine motor – He’ll use a raking grasp to pick up small things like cheerios (no, he doesn’t eat them…), hold a rattle and transfer it to his other hand, and bang a toy purposefully (he started doing this today…).  Related to both gross motor and fine motor, if he drops a toy or if he sees something he wants, he will reach for it.  Social –  Cole is the total flirt with anyone and everyone, and he thinks that every human being was placed on earth to entertain him!   He’ll let you know it by flashing his big ol’ dimple smile, which usually gets the ladies talking and the occasional guy as well.  He has the biggest belly laugh, is unbelievably ticklish, and absolutely loves life!  Food –  I thought Zoe took to the solids, but Cole is proving me wrong.  He will down a jar of baby food with his eyes closed, and if I’m not fast enough, he starts kicking his leg on the high chair demanding more (it’s become a bit of a sign)!  So far, he’s had rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pears.  Since he’s loved everything I’ve fed him, he really doesn’t have any favorites yet. Teething – Again, Cole is proving to be very different than Zoe.  Where Zoe didn’t start cutting teeth until she was 10 months old and didn’t give me any clue that she was, Cole is putting everything in his mouth, drooling, and having random bouts of fussiness – thanks in part to his bottom gum being swollen and those little chompers forming.  It should be interesting to see when those little teeth decide to pop through.  Favorite things in the world – Zoe, “Spike the dinosaur”, his doggie lovie, the doorway jumper, laughing, watching the leaves blow in the wind.  Least favorite things in the world – his car seat and stroller, being left alone.

Zoe and Davis sitting like big kidsFall 2009 062

Cousin Davis (L) next to Zoe (R), between 5 and 6 months.  Compare Cole (solo shot), at 6 months.


An exciting Friday night

September 19, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Zoe and I were running around the apartment and playing with a ball.  She was running a little too fast and tried to stop too quickly to keep from running into a floor lamp when she tripped and hit her head on the lamp.  I scooped her up, turned her around, and saw a really nasty gash on her forehead.  Kirk had just gotten home, so we jumped into the car and went to the ER.  About 3 hours later, Zoe had received her 1st, and hopefully, last set of stitches caused by an accident.

Zoe was a total trooper – she let the nurses do all the initial intake measurements and let the PA look at her head without fidgeting or crying.  She just kept repeating, “Doctor fix my head.” (to get a good sense, pronounce fix and head with 2 syllables…)  The whole time the PA was stitching her up, Zoe just laid there, looking at the PA, then looking at me, then at the nurse.  So Zoe couldn’t move her head or arms, the nurse had basically swaddled Zoe in a sheet, and I leaned over her to keep her hands down by her side; the nurse held her head. 

Here’s a picture that Kirk took with his cell phone right after Zoe was done getting her stitches:

Zoe - stitches

(The yellow bandaid on her cheek is actually a mosquite bite that she wouldn’t stop picking.)

You may be wondering where Cole was during all of this.  He was also a little trooper and did well with being carted around in his car seat all evening (he really does not like being strapped down in his car seat).  Once we got into a room, Kirk went outside with him to get him to go to sleep.  Neither Kirk nor Cole were in the room when Zoe was stitched up.

Another sidenote, this was Cole’s second time to this particular ER – once, when he was in my belly and then again last night.

1st Day of School

September 14, 2009

Last year:  IMG_1503

This year:  1st day of school 002

You’ll have to excuse me; I love looking at how much Zoe has changed from year to year, and today is no exception.  Today was Zoe’s first day of school!  Zoe loved it (and her teachers said she did great!), but I’m a little bummed – she’s attending school only 1 day a week (I really wish it was 2.).  I do LOVE her teachers, Ms Denise and Ms Angie, and I think the program is actually going to be really good for her.  It’s structured, but not overly so…they will do things in the same order every week, but the timing will vary depending on the activities that the class as a whole tends to prefer.  Also, starting in October, she’ll have music every week, which should be interesting.  The way the school is structured, she’s considered a young 2 (anyone with a birthday after May 2007 is.), so for once, she’s not the oldest and not the youngest, and it looks like there are equal number boys and girls (last year’s class was 6 girls and 2 boys), so I’m curious to see how the year will shape up.


1st day of school 001

I know…not the most lady-like poses, and of course, she refused to leave “Bear” in the car, but I had to act quickly because she was sooo excited to go to class, and Cole was NOT happy about being stuck in a stroller…  more to come in the next few weeks as we both get acquainted with her teachers and new school!

DC Fun

September 4, 2009

We are 95% settled into our DC apartment (there’s a couple of organizational things that need to be done, but are definitely not imperative), and we were able to do a little bit of exploring last week.  FYI: Cole is missing in most of the pics mainly because he was snoozing in the stroller; hopefully, we’ll get some pics of him when we’re out and about more.  Here’s what we did:

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: This museum was a lot of fun!  We spent our time hanging out with the “animals” versus the rocks and gems: Sant Ocean Hall (life-size right whale hangs from the ceiling), Rotunda (famous elephant is here), Dinosaurs, Mammal Hall, and the butterfly pavilion.  Zoe’s favorites included the butterfly pavilion and the dinosaurs.

dc pics 509dc pics 510dc pics 516dc pics 517dc pics 521dc pics 523dc pics 532dc pics 537dc pics 542dc pics 555

National Zoo:  This was such a blast.  Even though the hours are 10am to 6pm, you can still go through the zoo before it opens.  We got there early – 9:30am and were able to see the animals waking up.  Zoe’s favorites: the pandas, the elephant baths, the zebras, the hissing cockroaches (I know, gross!), and the cheetahs.  Here are just a few of the many pics we took; I thought that the kids looking at the site would enjoy looking at the cool animals.

Hissing cockroachesdc pics 611

dc pics 624dc pics 616  

Octopus feedingdc pics 607dc pics 605“I am King Prawn!”dc pics 599dc pics 598dc pics 589dc pics 564Red Pandadc pics 561dc pics 622

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: I think Kirk and I wanted to see this museum more than Zoe, but she was very excited about seeing the planes and rocket ships.  I think Zoe’s favorite part of the field trip was the ride on the carousel at the Mall.

Zoe in front of the flight simulator.dc pics 636

Kirk and Zoe take a look at all the planes.dc pics 645

Amy and Zoe take a break with a ride on the carousel.dc pics 653

A new routine:  We’re halfway between 2 metro (subway) stops, and everything we could possibly need is within walking distance (except for stores like Target, Lowe’s, etc), so I’ve gotten into the car a total of 3 times since we got here 3 weeks ago.  In Charlotte, it was a whole lot easier to strap the kiddos in, run our errands, and then unload the car.  Now, when we get home from errands, I unstrap the kids, unload the car into a small cart we purchased at the Giant grocery store, walk to the elevator shaft, unlock the door to the elevator lobby, get into the elevator, go up 21 stories, unlock the apartment door – waaaaay too complicated.  So, we walk or grab the metro if we go anywhere now.  I never realized how unbelievably lazy I had gotten!! 

Also, our view of the DC skyline is unbelievable!  The weather has been absolutely perfect with crystal blue skies and cool, crisp air that I’ve tried to take several photos at various times of day, but the pictures don’t do the view justice.  So, maybe if one of my friends with a fancy, shmancy camera come to visit (hint, hint), or if we happen to get a fancy, shmancy camera (hint, hint), I can post some really fantabulous views.