DC Fun

September 4, 2009

We are 95% settled into our DC apartment (there’s a couple of organizational things that need to be done, but are definitely not imperative), and we were able to do a little bit of exploring last week.  FYI: Cole is missing in most of the pics mainly because he was snoozing in the stroller; hopefully, we’ll get some pics of him when we’re out and about more.  Here’s what we did:

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History: This museum was a lot of fun!  We spent our time hanging out with the “animals” versus the rocks and gems: Sant Ocean Hall (life-size right whale hangs from the ceiling), Rotunda (famous elephant is here), Dinosaurs, Mammal Hall, and the butterfly pavilion.  Zoe’s favorites included the butterfly pavilion and the dinosaurs.

dc pics 509dc pics 510dc pics 516dc pics 517dc pics 521dc pics 523dc pics 532dc pics 537dc pics 542dc pics 555

National Zoo:  This was such a blast.  Even though the hours are 10am to 6pm, you can still go through the zoo before it opens.  We got there early – 9:30am and were able to see the animals waking up.  Zoe’s favorites: the pandas, the elephant baths, the zebras, the hissing cockroaches (I know, gross!), and the cheetahs.  Here are just a few of the many pics we took; I thought that the kids looking at the site would enjoy looking at the cool animals.

Hissing cockroachesdc pics 611

dc pics 624dc pics 616  

Octopus feedingdc pics 607dc pics 605“I am King Prawn!”dc pics 599dc pics 598dc pics 589dc pics 564Red Pandadc pics 561dc pics 622

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: I think Kirk and I wanted to see this museum more than Zoe, but she was very excited about seeing the planes and rocket ships.  I think Zoe’s favorite part of the field trip was the ride on the carousel at the Mall.

Zoe in front of the flight simulator.dc pics 636

Kirk and Zoe take a look at all the planes.dc pics 645

Amy and Zoe take a break with a ride on the carousel.dc pics 653

A new routine:  We’re halfway between 2 metro (subway) stops, and everything we could possibly need is within walking distance (except for stores like Target, Lowe’s, etc), so I’ve gotten into the car a total of 3 times since we got here 3 weeks ago.  In Charlotte, it was a whole lot easier to strap the kiddos in, run our errands, and then unload the car.  Now, when we get home from errands, I unstrap the kids, unload the car into a small cart we purchased at the Giant grocery store, walk to the elevator shaft, unlock the door to the elevator lobby, get into the elevator, go up 21 stories, unlock the apartment door – waaaaay too complicated.  So, we walk or grab the metro if we go anywhere now.  I never realized how unbelievably lazy I had gotten!! 

Also, our view of the DC skyline is unbelievable!  The weather has been absolutely perfect with crystal blue skies and cool, crisp air that I’ve tried to take several photos at various times of day, but the pictures don’t do the view justice.  So, maybe if one of my friends with a fancy, shmancy camera come to visit (hint, hint), or if we happen to get a fancy, shmancy camera (hint, hint), I can post some really fantabulous views.


2 Responses to “DC Fun”

  1. annerw said

    love the update. love the 2 pics of zoe smiling for the camera. like the cool perspective one too in the butterfly garden and the last one is adorb. sounds like y’all are settling into the big city life just fine.

  2. denise y emilia said

    how fun! we took emi to air and space and she loved it too. maybe children’s museum is back in operation again? may want to check on that one. so miss no.va. – hope to be there by end of month… have new fancy schmancy camera! 🙂

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