Headed out

June 11, 2010

Zoe, Cole, the furkids, and I are headed to Charlotte today to stay for about a month.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post anything while I’m there, so this may be it for awhile.  I hope everyone has a great 1st half of the summer and 4th of July!!  See you soon!



Spring 2010 007

{“…We.Thought.You.Was.A.Toad!…”  Quote from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?}

A month ago, Zoe and her class from Kinhaven took their first field trip.  The field trip was to the Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA.  It was so much fun watching the kids listen to the park ranger talk about frogs, toads, and tadpoles, enjoy finding “treasures” on the nature hike, and playing Tag after our picnic lunch.

Spring 2010 003 {Zoe poses with the turtles.  I really don’t think this looks like her very much; I mean, she looks sooo big and is totally giving me a fake smile!}

Spring 2010 002{Zoe waves “hello” to the turtles.  BTW, all the kids had to wear the bandana while on the trip; it had the school name and phone number.}

Spring 2010 006

{Some of Zoe’s classmates listening to the ranger talk about frogs.  I love how you can just “see” their brains soaking up the info.}

 Spring 2010 012

{Everyone watching the ranger catch some tadpoles out of the pond.}

Spring 2010 013

{Mr. Serious.  Cole enjoyed hanging out with the big kids, but at this point, I think he just wanted to take a nap.}

Spring 2010 016

{Zoe and her teacher, Ms. Kayna, check out the tadpoles.}

Sara and Zoe

{Zoe and Sara.  Photo courtesy of Sara’s mom.}

Spring 2010 026

{The Tigers T/TH Class.  From L to R: Kai, Bryn, Zoe, Caleb, Tyler, Avery, Sara, Emmett (behind Sara, can’t be seen), Sophie.  Not pictured: Jake}

It was so fun to see Zoe in action with her classmates!  I never would’ve thought that Zoe would turn into a big kid overnight.  Granted, she still has her little kid meltdowns at times, but I loved watching her play tag, toss rocks in the creek, and really enjoy the museum displays.

The weekend after Mother’s Day, Kirk headed to Charlotte, and the kids, the dogs, and I headed to my visit my parents in Rocky Mount, NC.  Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Spring 2010 001

Spring 2010 012

Spring 2010 013

    Spring 2010 022 Spring 2010 025

{Saturday: My mom, “Gramma Joanie”, and I took the kids to Target & Kmart to get a few things, and pick up a plastic pool.  Zoe and Cole had a blast playing in the water!}

Spring 2010 001 Spring 2010 003

Spring 2010 010 Spring 2010 013 Spring 2010 014

{Sunday:  Cole finds that the cooler makes for a great push toy.  Zoe helps Gramma Joanie fill the birdfeeders; she was VERY proud of herself!!}

Zoe, Cole, and I (and the dogs!) had a great and relaxing weekend with Gramma Joanie and Papa Joe (I really need to do better about taking pictures of him with the grandkids!)!  I hope to do it again, soon!!

Ok.  So maybe a few words… :>)  Cole took his first and honest to goodness steps on Mother’s Day morning in front of Kirk and Mr. Vince.  Of course, I was still snoozing (it was Mother’s Day!), and when we tried to get him to walk again, he would only take one or two steps.  The video was taken either the Wednesday or Thursday after Mother’s Day (I can’t remember).  Currently, he prefers to walk everywhere, but he can’t stand up without pulling on something, so if he loses his balance, he’ll crawl to something to pull up, stand up, and continue on his merry little way!