First Day of School

September 27, 2010

The day after Labor Day was the first day of school for Zoe and Cole as well as the first day back to work for Kirk.  (Needless to say, I was one happy momma around 10am on Tuesday morning!) 

Anyway…Zoe and Cole are in preschool at Sharon Presbyterian Weekday School; Zoe had no problem going in and beginning her day; in fact, on the first day, she was ready to go by 8am (school didn’t start until 9:30am) and ran into her room without looking back!  Cole did well on the first day as well; just a little bit of crying on the hand-off to his teachers and then at pick-up.  His second day didn’t go as well, but I think he was just hungry.

Fall 2010 001 <Kirk, Cole, and Zoe on their first day of work and preschool.>

 Fall 2010 005 Fall 2010 014 Fall 2010 015 

<Playing outside in the empty lot across the street.  It was the perfect 1st day of school – slightly cooler and a little overcast; felt a little like fall!>

Fall 2010 021

<Cole on the first day of school.  This was the best picture I was able to get, but it definitely captures his true personality – constantly on the move and wanting to explore the environment! >

Fall 2010 023

  < Zoe and Cole on the steps.  I love how Zoe is holding Cole’s hand…>


1st day of school 002 Fall 2010 022








<Just for fun…Zoe on the first day of school.  Top – 15 months; middle – 2 years; bottom – 3 years.>


So, while Kirk and I were basking in the Caribbean sun, Kirk’s parents came into Charlotte to watch the kids.  Here are a few photos that Grandmommy and Granddaddy took while we weren’t here.


<Playing at the Blakeney Shopping Center fountains>


<Mount Granddaddy>


<Playing dress-up and beauty shop>


<Grandmommy with Zoe and Cole before going to their preschool “tea party” to meet their teachers.>


<Zoe poses in her classroom.  She had fun at the tea party, but according to Grandmommy, on the way home, she said, with disappointment, “The tea party was fun, but there was no tea.”>


<Cole with his teachers, Ms. Kim and Ms. Julee (holding Cole)>


<Cole playing at the park near our house.>


<Zoe painting.  BTW, she did not paint the page that is already painted!>


<Zoe and Cole playing in the pool in the driveway.>

Shortly after I was re-wired into the 21st century (hooray, internet!  hooray, tv!), Kirk and I went on a vacation for 5 days.  Notice Zoe and Cole were not mentioned.  Oh yes, while Zoe and Cole were in “Camp Grandmommy and Grand-daddy” (more on that later) in Charlotte, Kirk and I were on an adults-only vacation for 5 glorious days.  To celebrate our 10th anniversary (more on that later this month!), we went to Negril, Jamaica to an all-inclusive boutique resort, called The Caves

Here’s how our day went:

Wake-up around 8:30 (9:30 Eastern time)

Mosey over to breakfast cabana for breakfast

Go snorkeling, cliff jumping, sun-bathing, reading

Eat lunch

Take a nap/go to Aveda spa for pampering/read/swim

Go snorkeling, swimming, drinking until sunset

Eat dinner

Go to bed

So, here ya go – another slideshow (there were waaaay too many cool pics to not do one…)  BTW, I’ve tweaked the slideshow a bit, so it should move a little faster!

Some of our favorite things about the vacation: dirty bananas (yummiest frozen adult beverage I’ve tried), the resort staff (especially Paul, Glenn, Anya…), cliff jumping (we both did the 30 ft jump), the “cave dinner” – private dinner for 2 in a cave completely filled with candles & just the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, the private jacuzzi at sunset with a fruit plate and champagne…

I could go on and on, but you’ll have to take my word – this place is paradise, and the staff do a great job making you feel like you’re a VIP every day of your life…such a bummer to come home to reality!

Moving Out

September 18, 2010

  From this…

House exterior #2 - Fall 2003

<Pre-renovation: January 2001 – December 2004>

To this…

old house no roof

<Mid-renovation; early 2005>

Exterior Front  <post renovation – 2005-present>

5826 Five Knolls 048  <And, finally to this!  Aug 2010 – present>

  Out to the suburbs, that is.  Kirk and I found a house a little bit further away from uptown Charlotte that was just too good (and too good of a deal) to pass up.  So, earlier this summer, we placed our Myers Park house on the market, packed up our stuff, and moved out the “burbs”.  We’ve been in the house for almost a month now, and I love it!  We’re still unpacking, still learning about the nuances of the new house, and half of our furniture is still at the other house (while it’s on the market), but this house is now “home”, and we’re having fun exploring the area.  I’m looking forward to “growing old” with our little family and starting some new family traditions here! 

Summer Pictures

September 7, 2010

Here are some of my fav pictures from the Summer slideshow in the previous post. Enjoy!

Summertime Fun

September 4, 2010

What a crazy, wild, fun summer this has been!  First, the dogs, Zoe, Cole, and I moved back to Charlotte in order to stage our Myers Park house because we moved to a new house in Charlotte, followed quickly by Zoe’s 3rd birthday, lots of birthday parties, summer camp for Zoe, Bradley Family reunion, then last week we moved into the new house.  Kirk and I are now packing up to head to Jamaica for a much needed kid-free vacation.  When we get back, Kirk starts back to work with Alston & Bird, Zoe starts 3-year-old preschool, and Cole starts preschool.  Whew!

To get everyone up to speed, and so I don’t have to go on a mega post run to catch up, I thought I would try Vimeo, a video uploader similar to YouTube, but so much better.  A few of my friends (Kate, Denise, and Anne) have been using it, and it seemed pretty cool.  So, if you have a few minutes (about 20!), check out the video (it’s more of a slide show; there is no video).