Fall 2010 029

Several of Zoe’s friends from playgroup (Kate, Connor, Aston. and Emi) and Zoe signed up for the Harris YMCA 3-5 years-old soccer clinic at the beginning of September.  Now that the clinic has wrapped up (6 weeks later), I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures from the 1st “practice”.

Fall 2010 003 Fall 2010 005

< Pre-clinic practice.  Top: Zoe in foreground; Mia in background.  Bottom: Connor (in red), Aston (in gray), Zoe (in purple), and Kate (in turquoise shorts). >

 Fall 2010 011

<The Daddies (L to R): Kirk, Jeff (Aston’s Dad), and Mehmet (Mia’s Dad) >

 Fall 2010 012

<Cole getting into the soccer action.>

 Fall 2010 024

< Learning how to pass the ball. >

Fall 2010 027 Fall 2010 030

< Learning how to trap the ball and listening to the coaches. >

 Fall 2010 042

< Learning how to the throw the ball overhead from the sidelines. >

Fall 2010 054

< Done.  30 minutes later. >

In hindsight, I think the clinic was pretty successful.  Although, persuading Zoe to get into the car and to participate was like pulling teeth (One day, Zoe was goalie, and she basically stood in place and watched the ball slowly roll past her.), she is now playing “soccer” around the house with her Tinkerbell ball.  She definitely didn’t love playing (not like dance class), but she has the potential to be a decent little player. 

Will we participate again? Possibly.  But, for now, I’m happy that she finished the clinic and that she sort of participated in the clinic for 20-30 minutes of the 45 minute class time.

Who knows?  Maybe we do have the future Mia Hamm, but for now I’ll take my little “Angelina Ballerina”… :>)


First Haircut

October 14, 2010

Cole was beginning to sprout wings, so I took him to Pigtails and Crewcuts for his first haircut.  Not too surprising, my laid back little boy sat happily while driving his fire truck and eating his lollipop, and the stylist snipped his two wings that were growing behind his ears.

Fall 2010 014

<Pre haircut (2 weeks before his haircut)’; the wings are just starting to grow over his ears.  The bump on the side of his head is a mosquito bite. >

  Fall 2010 003

<During the haircut – sat still and was too busy enjoying his lollipop to worry about the scissors right at his ears! >

Fall 2010 002

<Post haircut.  I think Cole looks way too old here; where did my baby boy go? >

Where the Wild Things Are

October 12, 2010

We now live about 11 miles from “uptown” Charlotte, and so we expected to see the usual suspects in urban wildlife – squirrels, birds, an occasional rabbit, and the occasional flock of Canadian geese (usually at a park).  But, we’ve been quite surprised at the amount of wildlife in our new neighborhood.  I mean, it’s crazy, and I try not to think about what else could be lurking in the wooded lots and open fields near our house.  So far, we’ve seen Canadian geese, deer, turtles, rabbits, and hawks (and of course, where there are hawks, there are mice, and where there are mice, there are snakes – Kirk even saw one; you get the picture).

Fall 2010 019

< A flock of Canadian geese looking for some breakfast.  This was taken from inside my car on the first day of school.  >

Fall 2010 005 Fall 2010 007 Fall 2010 012 Fall 2010 014

< From Top to Bottom: 1) A doe with some geese.  2) The doe and geese seem to have caught a glimpse of Bigfoot while the fawn eats breakfast.*  3) The doe and fawn enjoy the early morning sun.  4) Playtime!

* Kirk helps me edit the postings from time to time, and he was in a goofy mood tonight!

“My Favorites” Bag

October 6, 2010

Fall 2010 002

<Zoe’s Favorites – “Bear”, the book Angelina Ballerina, and two pictures (the family at the Bradley Reunion and the one of Ms. Melissa, Katherine, me, and her at the Pink Bicycle Tearoom).>

One important part of going to school is show-and-tell, and this year, Zoe gets to partake in this time honored tradition in the form of the “My Favorites” tote bag.  Each week, one child from Zoe’s class takes the bag home and fills it with things to share.  Zoe was the first one in her class, and this time around, she had to take her favorite book, her favorite stuffed animal, and 2 pictures – 1 of her family, and 1 of her favorite pictures.  Her teachers said she did really well telling everyone what she brought in and who the people were in the pictures.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the kids holding their school bags on the 1st day of school.  These were taken on the 3rd day of school when Zoe took the My Favorites bag to school.

 Fall 2010 017

<Not the best picture of Zoe, but I love how she seems to be saying, “Come on, Mommy!  I am SO done with these silly pictures…”, and she looks way too old to be 3-years-old.>

Fall 2010 018

< Cole loves carrying his tote bag like a big kid.  Just because I thought it’d be a neat comparison, here’s basically the same pic that I took of Zoe at the same age.>


Tiny Dancer

October 1, 2010

Fall 2010 003 

Fall 2010 014

Shortly after school started, Zoe started her 1st official dance class at the Harris YMCA.  She’s in the “pink class”, which she is very excited about since pink is her favorite color, with her friends Maisie and Emi and a former neighbor, Maddie.  The class is unbelievably cute with all these 3-4 year-old little girls in their bubble gum pink leotards and tutus doing barre work, learning how to plie and to shuffle and tap their tap shoes (very noisily, I might add!), and running around pretending they’re princesses and butterflies (right up Zoe’s alley, BTW). 

Here are some pictures from the first day of class.  Enjoy!

Fall 2010 024

<Warming up and stretching.>

Fall 2010 030  Fall 2010 041

<Barre work.>

 Fall 2010 048 Fall 2010 050

< Working on leaps. >

  Fall 2010 072

< Playing with scarves.  I’m not quite sure what they were supposed to be doing with them, and it seems like all the dancers thought they were doing something different. >

 Fall 2010 075

< Denise and Emi.  You can read more about Emi’s first day here. >

 Fall 2010 077 Fall 2010 085 Fall 2010 086

< More dancing as a group.  I love how every little girl is checking herself out in the mirror! >

 Fall 2010 091

< Maisie bowing. >

Fall 2010 102 

< A pirouette. >

Fall 2010 104 Fall 2010 108

< Trying different movements.  Right now, it looks like Zoe has more talent being a contemporary dancer rather than a ballet dancer.  >

Fall 2010 115

< The end of class – Ms. Meeghan always ends class with a book about dancing and a stamp on the girls’ hands. >