18-month update

November 15, 2010

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<To me, these pictures typify all the many different aspects of Cole’s personality.  From top – 1) Lovin’ life.  2) The serious side.  3)  The silly & exploration side.  4) Sweet little boy. >   

Wow…18 months…where, oh where has the time gone?

I feel like 6 months ago (the last time I did a Cole update), he was still my “baby”.  He loved being held, rocked, and he just enjoyed watching the world go by.  Well, no longer.  Cole is officially a “Toddler” and all that toddler-hood entails – the beginning of the “No’s”, temper tantrums, the wiggles, and assertion of his own opinion.  And, not too surprisingly, Cole has embraced all the typical toddler stereotypes.  So, here’s what he’s up to these days:

The Stats: weight – 20.4 pounds (at his well check-up a month ago); height – 30.5 inches (His height is just barely in the normal growth curve now, and he’s still a little under the curve for weight.)

The Good/Funny/Cool:

1.  Sort of talking.  Cole gets just about everything he needs with a grunt, pointing to something, nodding/shaking his head, or just skipping all this by doing it himself.  However, he is saying words now – mama, dada, banana, all done, more, truck, tractor, duck, plane, pumpkin, gobble gobble, cat, juice, up, chocolate, choo choo, and Bob the Builder (“ba ba”).  He continues to use signs for “more”, “thank-you”, “please”, “sorry”, “night night”, and “brush teeth”.

2.  Monkey…he climbs, swings, attempts to jump off of anything and everything, tries to ride Zoe’s scooter and tricycle.  He also loves to do anything active – will hit a ball off of a tee, loves playing soccer all over the house & outside, throwing balls, playing basketball.  And every so often we find that he’s gotten out of his crib.

3.  Awesome eater.  Cole eats just about anything and everything we put in front of him (except for the occasional odd thing – olives, pickles, tomatoes).  That’s surely why Cole weighs a mere 5 pounds less than Zoe at this point.  Also, he uses a mixture of his hands, a fork, and a spoon to eat.  He does NOT like to be fed like a baby, and he’ll swat any food that comes “flying in a for a landing” if you try it.

4.  Little artist.  Like Zoe, he loves coloring and stickers and doing arts and crafts.  And he likes sidewalk chalk:

 Fall 2010 079

< Zoe and Cole doing sidewalk chalk on the driveway together. >

5.  Typical little boy.  He LOVES Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder, all transportation stuff (especially motorcycles), construction stuff, dirt, rocks, and bugs.

6.  Loves music.  He dances, sings, taps his leg to the beat of a song, plays instruments.  His current faves – King Triton’s processional music from the Little Mermaid movie (at the very beginning, for those of you who know the movie), and his Music Together sounds (especially any song that has a bum, bum, bum in it).

The Not-so-Good/Not Cool:

1.  Bad behavior.  So, like most toddlers, Cole does not do well being told “No” or having something taken from him.  To express his displeasure, he does one of two things, but both are relatively rare:  he’ll have a temper tantrum (lays on the floor and cries) or he attempts to bite when he’s frustrated.  (The biting is few and far between, and it’s generally only aimed at me or Zoe.)

2.  Colds galore.  Since starting school, Cole has had some form of congestion ranging from just a runny nose to full blown walking pneumonia/bronchitis.  About a month ago, we experienced our first run-in with the dreaded nebulizer.  He bounced back without any difficulty, but he caught another cold, and our pediatrician has put Cole on the nebulizer once a day through the winter.  (When he has a cold, we’ll up the once a day to 3-4 times a day).  He does pretty good with it, fortunately.

Fall 2010 006

<Cole doing an awesome job with the nebulizer.>

3.  Monkey see.  Monkey do.  This is kind of cool, he generally attempts to do anything and everything that big sis Zoe does, such as jump from the 2nd or 3rd stair (not good!), walk down our playground slide, and climb on the backs of chairs.  However, he doesn’t quite realize his limitations, and he’s had several goose eggs because of it.  I love his “go-get-‘em” attitude, but I could do without the daily near heart attacks (mine, not his).Fall 2010 207

  < Zoe and Cole playing “Ready, Set, Go”.  Zoe started, and after watching Zoe a few times, Cole decided to join in. >

So, all in all, I am LOVING our little boy and all of his antics.  I really think this is currently my favorite phase of his.  He loves being independent, doing things on his own, and exploring his world, but I also love that at the end of the day, he comes running, arms out wide, huge smile with both dimples, and a loud, “MAMA!!” when I pick him up.

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