A few weeks ago, Zoe had her 1st dance recital.  I mean, this was the real deal – she performed on stage at the Knight Theatre, which has somewhere around 1100 seats.  She did awesome, and both Kirk and I were so proud of her.  Her dance lasted a total of 2 minutes, but it was adorable.  Here’s the dance and a couple of pics!  Enjoy!  FYI, Zoe is the last little girl on the right, and the pictures at the end of the video aren’t the best pictures, but Zoe was in no mood to pose, and I wanted to show that Zoe is a normal child on occasion.  :>)


Also, we visited Santa twice this year; once, with our playgroup at Carolina Place Mall and once to tell Santa what Zoe and Cole wanted for Christmas at the SouthPark Mall.  Zoe did GREAT; she went right up to Santa, gave him a huge hug, and promptly sat on his lap to tell him all of her wants and desires.  Cole, on the other hand, would not go NEAR Santa and was happy just sitting on the floor by his feet.  Here are the pictures from this year’s visits.


< Playgroup picture with Santa. Back Row: Kate, Aston.  Middle Row: Morgan, Lilly, Zoe, Kyrie.  Front Row: Emi, Cole, Maisie. >

Christmas 2010 001

Christmas 2010 005

Christmas 2010 020

< From Top: 1)  Waiting our turn.  2)  Picture with Santa.  3)  Zoe tells Santa what she and Cole want for Christmas. >


Thanksgiving 2010

December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 088

This year, we traveled to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with the Bradley family at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie’s new house.  We had a lot of fun playing and hanging out with Grandmommy, Grand-daddy, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, and cousins, Reese and Davis!  We can’t wait to see them again at Christmastime!

Starting the day off and waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy:

Thanksgiving 2010 001

Thanksgiving 2010 002

The weekend wouldn’t be complete with a cousin Pillow Fight!!

Thanksgiving 2010 017

Thanksgiving 2010 018

Thanksgiving 2010 022

Attempt at a cousin group shot:

Thanksgiving 2010 036

<Cole climbing onto the couch to join the picture.>

Thanksgiving 2010 037

<Davis hides so he doesn’t have to have his picture taken.>

Thanksgiving 2010 046

<The group shot.  Reese playinga Wii game, Zoe and Davis watching intently, and Cole playing with the extra Wii remote. >

Playtime!  Still waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy…

Thanksgiving 2010 050

Thanksgiving 2010 057

Thanksgiving 2010 073Thanksgiving 2010 074

Thanksgiving 2010 075

Thanksgiving 2010 076

Thanksgiving 2010 080

Grandmommy and Grand-daddy arrive; we eat a super-yummy dinner, and then we play a little bit of soccer (after naps!).

Fall 2010 070

Fall 2010 005

Fall 2010 018

Fall 2010 023

Fall 2010 035

< Grandmommy with the big fake! >

Fall 2010 057

Fall 2010 060

< Zoe was the resident cheer-leader during the game. >

Fall 2010 075

<  From L to R: Grand-daddy in background, Kirk, and Uncle Kyle. >

I didn’t take any pictures the rest of the weekend (Yep, these were just from Thanksgiving Day!); we were just too busy! 

Thanks to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie for opening up your home and your wonderful hospitality!  

Fall Catch-up

December 4, 2010

The past 2-3 months have been jammed pack with all sorts of fun times.  Since the holidays are coming up, I felt like I was never ever going to catch up to the present time with blogging.  So, here’s a fall slideshow of all of our fun…

If you don’t feel like watching or don’t have time, here’s a little synopsis of what we did:

Fall 2010 021

Festival in the Park – We met up with Zoe’s and Cole’s cousins, Lauren, Sean, and their parents and had fun riding some amusement rides and eating yummy “festival food”.

Fall 2010 066

Sharon Presbyterian Church Fall Festival – the church where Zoe and Cole go to preschool host an annual fall festival that’s open to the public.  There was a lot of jumping in “bounce houses”, face painting, animal petting, riding ponies, and even a hayride!

Fall 2010 163

Pumpkin picking at Riverbend Farm.  We joined Katherine, Mehmet, and Mia, and Kate, Jeff, Aston, and Stellyn at the farm for a day of pumpkin picking. Kate blogged about the day as well.

Fall 2010 055

Parents’ Open House at Dance: Zoe shows off her blooming ballet and tap skills.

Fall 2010 013

Weekend at Clemson: We spent a fun-filled weekend in Clemson with Kirk’s college roommate, Chad, his wife, Katy, and son, Thomas.  It helped that Clemson played a decent game and ended up winning.  🙂

Fall 2010 014

Sharon Presbyterian Weekday School “Trunk-or-Treat”.  Zoe, Cole, and Zoe’s BFF, Morgan, participate in trunk-or-treat.  Some of the parents line their cars up, and the kids go trick-or-treating from car to car.  Kate blogged about it also.

Fall 2010 057

Halloween 2010: The Willette family had us, the Lee family, and the Karakus family over for a hopping good time, pizza, playtime, and trick-or-treating.  Anne and Kate blogged about it, too.

Whew!  Happy Autumn everyone!  Now, let’s see if I can stay caught up!! :>)