Cooking Class

March 29, 2011

Sometime in the middle of February (Yes, I’m very behind, but I am planning on doing some speed catchup in the next few weeks!), Zoe participated in her preschool’s cooking class.  This is an activity for the 2-year-old and older classes, so Cole didn’t get a chance to “cook”.  This year’s theme was a nautical theme and pretty cute.  There aren’t too many pictures; I was too busy helping out (and sampling the future chefs’ handiwork!).


< Mrs. Beth and “Chef Pirate Louie” tell the kids what they will be cooking. >


< Mrs. Warmath help Zoe, Evelina, and Morgan make “fish bait” –  a mixture of raisins, cheese puffs, goldfish, and pretzels. >


< Zoe’s BFF, Morgan. >


< This isn’t the best picture, but for some reason, I kind of liked it.  I liked how the “apple and cheese boat” where in focus, and how Zoe is slightly out of focus, but you can still see how proud she is that she made the boat by herself. >


< Evelina, Zoe, and Morgan eating “fish in the ocean” – blue jello with Swedish fish, crushed graham cracker (for sand), and whipped cream (wave foam).  I can’t remember the name of the drink, but it’s blue lemonade. >


< Zoe’s class.  Back Row (L to R): Mrs. Haenlein, Morgan, Zoe, Lizzie, Evelina, Laurel, William, and Mrs. Warmath.  Front Row (L to R): Mac, Priya, Nash, Avery, and Reid >


Over the Rainbow Bridge

March 24, 2011


Our first “baby”, Gscrk Olivia de la Rusee (AKA Ollie), crossed the rainbow bridge on Feb 1st.  After several months of almost weekly visits to the emergency vet/cardiologist at Carolinas Veterinary Clinic (thank you Dr. Sanger!), we decided it was time to let her go.  It was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with.  Ollie provided Kirk and I (and to a lesser extent, Zoe and Cole) nine wonderful love-filled years.  Ollie, we hope you have lots of blankets to snuggle in, lots of bunnies to chase, and lots of people to give PBGV hugs to.  Till we meet again…

Here’s a little slideshow of Ollie through the years.  Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures; they were taken pre-digital camera.

Happy Birthday, Nana!

March 9, 2011

Towards the end of January, we flew down to Naples, FL to see Kirk’s grandmother, Nana.  Kirk and I had not seen her since our wedding in 2000, and she had not met Zoe and Cole.  So, when Kirk’s brother had a convention to attend, the Bradley clan decided to make the trip to celebrate Nana’s birthday and to spend some time with her.

We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone, and other than Cole being a mega-wiggle-worm on the flights to and from Naples, both kids were as good as gold.

Happy Birthday, Nana!  I hope I’m as spunky as you are when I’m the ripe age of 88!