The Big 2!

April 26, 2011

As Skippyjon Jones would say, “Holy Guacamole!

Spring 2010 002

<1 year old>


<2 years old.>

What a difference one year can make!  I can NOT believe the changes Cole has made since his first birthday.  A very short year ago, he was still a baby; fast forward 12 months, and Cole has turned into a full-fledged little boy.  ( I kind of think the 2 pics above visually depict how much I feel like Cole has grown up. )

Since I haven’t done an update on Cole’s doings and happenings in AGES (just 6 months ago!), I thought that I should update his comings and goings.

So, without further ado,…

The nuts and bolts:

Weight – 23.2 pounds (5th percentile)

Height – 32.5 inches (10th percentile)

Yup!  He’s officially on the charts!!!!  (And, just for comparison’s sake, Zoe weighed 23.4 pounds, and was 32.75 inches tall.)


The New and the Cool:

Recently, Cole had a developmental evaluation because of some concerns we had about his speech abilities.  According to the evaluators, he’s functioning between a 30-36 month level in all areas (gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, self help, and social-emotional) except for speech, which are at a 15-18 month skill level.  Needless to say, we’ll be starting speech in the next month or so!

1.  Cole jumps everywhere (on the couch, on the floor, off of steps), climbs everything, rides a scooter and attempts to pedal a tricycle, runs (and is pretty darn fast!), swings on the “big boy” swing, walks up and down the stairs while holding onto the wall, and runs towards a rolling ball and kick it.



2.  Cole’s imagination has really begun to kick into high gear.  He feeds Zoe’s babies and rocks them to sleep, pretends he’s random animals (dinosaur and monkey are his current favs), takes his dinosaurs and has “battles” with them, crashes his cars into each other, and still loves playing trains.

3. I kind of think Cole has some mad fine motor skills, especially for a boy.  He prefers to put together multi-piece puzzles (no peg puzzles, here!); he loves legos and blocks (can build a 10-block high tower); he can string beads onto a string; he is beginning to grasp the concept of coloring a picture, and beginning to “write” (says he’s writing the letter “e”), and he can snips with scissors (but needs to use both hands to manipulate the scissors).



4.  “I do it.”:  Cole has always thought of himself as the same age as Zoe, so whatever Zoe does, Cole thinks he can do.  So, now he gets himself dressed with a little help (I help him with finding the right hole for his shirt, pulling his pants up, etc.), feeds himself with a fork and spoon (takes awhile), and prefers to drink from a small cup.

5.  Singing:  His current favorite songs – itsy, bitsy spider; wheels on the bus; hop little bunnies; jesus loves me; twinkle twinkle.  Every now and then, I hear him in the back seat “singing” along to some of the songs – especially a couple of songs from the Little Mermaid soundtrack, the “hello” song from Music Together, and the crow song from Music Together.

6.  Potty training:  Oh yeah, baby!  Cole has been using the potty for about a month now.  He can go “on command” (he goes after I take his diaper off). But, when his diaper is off when we’re at home, he hasn’t quite grasped the concept, and he doesn’t make it to the potty consistently to convert to “big boy” underpants.  From now until school is over the end of May, we’re just going to take it one day at a time.


< Zoe always gives Cole a huge hug or a high five whenever he uses the potty. >

7.  Temper Tantrums: I could definitely do without these!  And, over the littlest, silliest things, too!  These are the full blown, out of control, sometimes hitting, sometimes screaming, sometimes kicking, etc. kind of tantrums.  We have begun instituting timeouts, which has helped a bit, and I think once he can communicate better, these lovely tantrums will subside.


The Sweet, Tender Moments:  You know the ones… those brief glimpses that you’re doing a halfway decent job raising this little person.  These moments are not very often, because, well, Cole is ON THE MOVE.  But, he LOVES LOVES Zoe and will say sorry spontaneously (if he’s hurt her feelings or pulled her hair) and then will give her a hug and a kiss.  He also likes to plop into your lap at times (especially in the morning or at night when the kids are watching tv and when you’re reading a story to him).  And, I’ve even seen him sitting next to Zeke and gently petting him.


All in all, our little boy is growing up so, so fast, and everyday is such a treat to see what he has in store for us.  I remember looking back over Zoe’s 2nd year and really saw a HUGE change in her; I can’t wait to see what Cole is going to bring to the table over the next year!



Cole turned 2-years-old last month, and in good 2-years-old fashion, he had a grand time at his birthday party and all of the attention he received.  Here are some pics of all the good times.


< First scooter! >


< First tricycle! >


 DSC_0379 DSC_0390

During playgroup, we had a small birthday party for Cole.





Thank you to our family and all of our friends for helping us celebrate Cole’s birthday!!  It would not have been a success without you!