Mother’s Day Weekend

July 14, 2011

Mother’s Day was busy this year.  It started off with a picnic lunch with Zoe and her class at her preschool – nothing too crazy, just a fun time with my favorite little girl.  Then, we headed to Atlanta for a wedding for one of Kirk’s cousins.  We ended the weekend with a Bradley family breakfast at the original The Flying Biscuit Cafe, a couple of gifts from my favorite people in the whole world, and headed home to unwind a little bit before beginning the next week.  I didn’t take many pictures; here are a few, including some that Kirk took at the wedding with his phone.


< The kids’ gifts – school crafts and an unbelievably sweet picture book that I still can’t read without having a mega sob-fest. >

Here’s Zoe’s class singing a special song for Mother’s Day:

A couple of shots of Kirk’s cousin, John, and his new wife, Kelly, during their wedding reception.

IMAG0007 IMAG0011


It’s been forever since I posted, and I’m REALLY way behind.  I’m hoping to be caught up soon (maybe by the end of summer…).  Anyway, at the end of April, we had a perfect Spring weekend, so Kirk and I packed all 3 “kids” (2 kids + 1 dog) up and headed to a greenway that my friend, Brooke, wrote about on her blog a year ago.  By the end of the trip, we had enjoyed a great picnic and spent some good ol’ fashioned quality family time!


< Billy Graham’s ancestral family home. >

I have to tell ya, this greenway is awesome.  Located just over the border in Fort Mill, SC, the greenway is comprised of 35 miles (& growing!) of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, the 28-acre Lake Haigler, and campsites.  The greenway will eventually hook up with the greenway system in Charlotte as part of a multi-state greenway system.  If you’re interested, here’s some more info:  




< One of Zoe’s new favorite skills – climbing trees.  Of course, Cole has to do everything Zoe does! >



< Cole being “all boy” and checking out the rocks. >


< Zoe and Cole sitting on the porch of Billy Graham’s family’s house.  There was a small herd of cows that the kids could watch, and Cole kept mooing at them. >



< Our typical little boy – one minute, he’s super excited and silly; the next, he’s super sweet and calm. >



< Zoe’s first attempt at taking a picture with a real camera.  I think she did pretty well! >

DSC_0004_edited-1 DSC_0017_edited-1

DSC_0032_edited-1 DSC_1578_edited-1





DSC_0037_edited-2 copy