Anne Springs Close Greenway

July 7, 2011

It’s been forever since I posted, and I’m REALLY way behind.  I’m hoping to be caught up soon (maybe by the end of summer…).  Anyway, at the end of April, we had a perfect Spring weekend, so Kirk and I packed all 3 “kids” (2 kids + 1 dog) up and headed to a greenway that my friend, Brooke, wrote about on her blog a year ago.  By the end of the trip, we had enjoyed a great picnic and spent some good ol’ fashioned quality family time!


< Billy Graham’s ancestral family home. >

I have to tell ya, this greenway is awesome.  Located just over the border in Fort Mill, SC, the greenway is comprised of 35 miles (& growing!) of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, the 28-acre Lake Haigler, and campsites.  The greenway will eventually hook up with the greenway system in Charlotte as part of a multi-state greenway system.  If you’re interested, here’s some more info:  




< One of Zoe’s new favorite skills – climbing trees.  Of course, Cole has to do everything Zoe does! >



< Cole being “all boy” and checking out the rocks. >


< Zoe and Cole sitting on the porch of Billy Graham’s family’s house.  There was a small herd of cows that the kids could watch, and Cole kept mooing at them. >



< Our typical little boy – one minute, he’s super excited and silly; the next, he’s super sweet and calm. >



< Zoe’s first attempt at taking a picture with a real camera.  I think she did pretty well! >

DSC_0004_edited-1 DSC_0017_edited-1

DSC_0032_edited-1 DSC_1578_edited-1





DSC_0037_edited-2 copy


2 Responses to “Anne Springs Close Greenway”

  1. annerw said

    amy! so many great ones. love these! my faves are zoe peeking out of tree, cole on the rocks, you and cole looking at the came, cole and kirk (both, can’t decide), the last one, and the one with cole and your pup. you should frame and put them on a wall. just sayin.

  2. Grandmommy said

    Sweet, love ’em all. I would love to see the little Mom’s day book you got.

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