Spring Dance Recital

August 27, 2011

A week after the “big reveal” of Zoe’s dance costume, we headed uptown to the Knight Theater for her dance recital.  Zoe did great; she had a huge smile on her face the whole time and did pretty well with the steps. 


<Beginning her ballet dance.  The elbow in the foreground is one Zoe’s teachers.>



<No fake smiles here!  Zoe is completely happy! >


< Check out her “tendu right”! >



< Tap time! >

1 side story about the recital weekend.  Zoe loved her costume; however, there was one problem – the tutu didn’t stick “straight out”, AKA Balanchine style, and she was very unhappy and pouted about it the whole day before the recital.  So, after talking to my mom (I figured she had to have some knowledge because she had to deal with it when I went through dance), I sprayed hairspray through the whole tutu, stuffed it with tissue paper, and then hung it upside down until it was time for Zoe to change.  By showtime, I had one happy little dancer who wasn’t picking at her tutu with a very sorrowful look on her face.  Needless to say, the next time Zoe is doing dance, I’m buying a can of heavy spray starch! Open-mouthed smile


3 Responses to “Spring Dance Recital”

  1. annerw said

    that tendu right is AMAZING! ha love the side story. that is just too much. miss zoe looks like quite the natural!!

  2. emilia said

    love that Zoe wasn’t happy that her tutu didn’t stick out enough – good trick to remember for next Spring! she was an AMAZING dancer at the recital!!!

  3. Alicia said

    She looks like a pro in all these pics!! The tutu story is priceless!!!!


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