Four and Fabulous, Part 1

September 28, 2011

DSC_0312_edited-1Awhile ago, Zoe turned 4 (I’m embarrassed to say when.), and it was like there was a switch that was flipped on.  One day, she was a little preschooler, and the next day, she became this little “big” girl with all the sass that a 4-year-old is capable of.  Here are the highlights of her birthday party, “A Fancy Nancy tea pool party” and all the things she’s up to these days.

First up, Zoe’s birthday party.  It was held at the Morrison YMCA pool (Known as the “whale” pool to Zoe because of the giant whale slide in the kiddie pool).  Everyone had fun playing at the pool, eating teacup cupcakes, and drinking fizzy lemonade complete with a miniature umbrella.DSC_0314_edited-1

< “Fizzy lemonade” – cherry 7-Up with a maraschino cherry speared with an umbrella.  >


< A flock of butterfly teacup cupcakes.  I so cannot take credit for this idea at all.  I found it here.  Carolyn’s cupcakes look so perfect and dainty, but I kind of felt like ours were perfect for the preschool crowd. >




< Let’s eat!  From top, Ainsley and Caleb, middle – Kirk talks to Zoe and Morgan, bottom – Cole sports the “after cupcake” ‘stache. >






< Playtime! From top: Chance playing in the splash park; Cole jumps over a fountain; Zoe gets a piggy back ride from Kirk, Stella slides with a little help from Mama Mary; bottom – Kate deciding what to play next. >







< The party crew.  Top to bottom: Zoe and Kate; Zoe and Ainsley; Zoe and Connor; Zoe, Maisie, and Liza; Zoe, Aston, and Stellyn; Zoe, Cole, Lauren, Chance, and Sean.  Not shown – Morgan, Lily, and Stella > 

After the birthday party, Zoe, Cole, my mom, Ms. Alicia, Morgan, and me headed to Red Robin for Zoe’s birthday dinner.  Here are some a few pics from dinner.  DSC_0452-2_edited-1




Thank you everyone for making Zoe’s 4th birthday party such a success!  She loved every minute of it, and we are very thankful for such wonderful friends and family!!


2 Responses to “Four and Fabulous, Part 1”

  1. annerw said

    great pic of zoe and dad! ha the one of kate deciding makes me laugh. they literally look younger in these pics. right? oh i’m reminicscent of the summer!

  2. denise said

    what a great party! awesome cupcakes – so sad we missed. next year we won’t be gone all.summer.long. promise.

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