After spending some time in Hilton Head, we headed south to St. Augustine, FL for the 36th Annual Bradley Family Reunion.  It’s always a low-key, casual sort of thing filled with lots of hugs, good times, and good memories.

Here’s a very short slideshow of all of our fun.



Here’s a few of my favorite pics:





< From top to bottom: Zoe with her cousin, Julia.  Uncle Kyle.  Cousin Susan.  Cole and cousin, Will, play Angry Birds. >


Summer Vacation, part 1

December 4, 2011

Now that it’s cold and Christmas time, I thought it would be appropriate to finally try and get up to date.  So, I’m starting off with our summer vacation (yes, you read that correctly; I’m that far behind).  Our family vacation was spent with Kirk’s parents and his brother’s family at Hilton Head followed by the Bradley Family Reunion in St. Augustine, Florida. 


<My handsome brother-in-law Open-mouthed smile>


<Cole with Aunt Melanie>


DSC_0076_edited-1 copy

DSC_0088_edited-1 copy

<Zoe discovered that she loves.the.beach.  I love how she’s obviously posing for the picture, but that her smile is completely genuine and not a “smile for the camera” smile. >

DSC_0099_edited-1 copy

<Brother-in-law, Kyle, and Davis horsing around.>

DSC_0117_edited-1 copy

< Nephew, Reese, playing in the ocean.  Even though you can’t see his face, I kind of feel that you can tell he’s grinning from ear to ear. >

DSC_0149_edited-1 copy

< Nephew, Davis, plays a little soccer. >

DSC_0163_edited-1 copy

<Kirk and Cole play soccer.  I like how Cole decided that he needed a stick to help him play. >


<Cole and Kirk playing on the beach. >