Zoe and Cole have been taking swim lessons at Charlotte Aquatics since the Fall, and I finally got around to taking some pictures during their most recent round of lessons.

Cole is currently in Level 2A and can do the following: retrieve submerged objects with his eyes open, bob 5 times, front float with face in the water for 3 seconds, front glide for 1 body length, back float independently for 3 seconds, turn over from front to back and back to front, demonstrate treading water, and perform a seated dive and then return to the wall unassisted. They also teach basic jump safety and pool safety.


< Cole works on his back float with Ms. Gigi. >

Zoe just passed Level 2B, meaning she can do the following: front float for 5 seconds with recovery, front glide for 2 body lengths, independent flutter kick for 10 feet, front crawl for 25 feet, back crawl for 25 feet, demonstrate pop up breath control during the front crawl, back float for 5 seconds with recovery, back glide for 2 body lengths, independent flutter kick on back for 25 feet, safety swim, reverse directions while swimming, tread water for 10 seconds, flutter kick with support on side, swim in deep water, bob to safety, understand life jacket safety and H.E.L.P./Huddle positions.


< Zoe finishing a breath while swimming the front crawl/freestyle. >


< Zoe works on her back stroke with Ms. Gigi. >


< Zoe and long time friend, Kate, passed Level 2!  So excited!  On to Level 3! >