Big boy haircut

June 13, 2012

So, I’ve had a dilemma with Cole’s hair. I prefer a longer/shaggy look, but after Christmas, Cole has been wanting his hair “up” like a mohawk. I had his hair cut short in March, and it was okay, but not great. He was getting rather shaggy looking in a bad way, so today, we went and had his haircut. I think we may have hit upon his “big boy” hairstyle for awhile (at least until he decides he wants to change it!) FYI, Cole looks totally goofy in these pics taken with my phone, but this is his “Cole, smile please!” look.




6 Responses to “Big boy haircut”

  1. jaimiem said

    Cute! Caleb will love it!

    • zackbradley said

      Thanks! Doesn’t Caleb want to join the spiky haircut train?

      • Grandmommy said

        Love it! Easy care too, I would think. Does he need product for the up look? :))

      • zackbradley said

        You know, for the first time, a stylist was able to cut his hair short and manage to keep the cowlic in the back from sticking up (one of the reasons I didn’t like the short cut on him)! He uses a really tacky paste that is put on when his hair is dry. I can’t wait to try the “faux-hawk” look on him – I think he’ll think it’s wondeful! 🙂

  2. annerw said

    real cute!

  3. Denise said

    he looks so cute!!!

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