Thanksgiving 2010

December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 088

This year, we traveled to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with the Bradley family at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie’s new house.  We had a lot of fun playing and hanging out with Grandmommy, Grand-daddy, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, and cousins, Reese and Davis!  We can’t wait to see them again at Christmastime!

Starting the day off and waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy:

Thanksgiving 2010 001

Thanksgiving 2010 002

The weekend wouldn’t be complete with a cousin Pillow Fight!!

Thanksgiving 2010 017

Thanksgiving 2010 018

Thanksgiving 2010 022

Attempt at a cousin group shot:

Thanksgiving 2010 036

<Cole climbing onto the couch to join the picture.>

Thanksgiving 2010 037

<Davis hides so he doesn’t have to have his picture taken.>

Thanksgiving 2010 046

<The group shot.  Reese playinga Wii game, Zoe and Davis watching intently, and Cole playing with the extra Wii remote. >

Playtime!  Still waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy…

Thanksgiving 2010 050

Thanksgiving 2010 057

Thanksgiving 2010 073Thanksgiving 2010 074

Thanksgiving 2010 075

Thanksgiving 2010 076

Thanksgiving 2010 080

Grandmommy and Grand-daddy arrive; we eat a super-yummy dinner, and then we play a little bit of soccer (after naps!).

Fall 2010 070

Fall 2010 005

Fall 2010 018

Fall 2010 023

Fall 2010 035

< Grandmommy with the big fake! >

Fall 2010 057

Fall 2010 060

< Zoe was the resident cheer-leader during the game. >

Fall 2010 075

<  From L to R: Grand-daddy in background, Kirk, and Uncle Kyle. >

I didn’t take any pictures the rest of the weekend (Yep, these were just from Thanksgiving Day!); we were just too busy! 

Thanks to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie for opening up your home and your wonderful hospitality!  


This year, the Chinese New Year was on Feb 14th.  Kirk, Zoe, Cole, and I decided to celebrate by inviting some friends to go to the New Year Parade in DC’s Chinatown on Sat, Feb 13th.  Unfortunately, we only caught the tail-end of the parade (Twice, I might add – it was the way the parade wrapped around Chinatown.), and we never even went completely into Chinatown (Well, we never went under the Friendship Gate that denotes the entrance into Chinatown).  We did have a ton of fun, and I look forward to having a great “Year of the Tiger.” Winter 2010 010

(Dragon.  Zoe thought the dragon and the lion were scary, and she didn’t want to get very close.  Personally, I think it was the combination of the lion and dragon moving as well as the drums that came behind them.)

Winter 2010 021

(Zoe and Kirk watch the parade.)

Winter 2010 024

(The Daddies and their girls.)

 Winter 2010 026

(Amy and Cole.)

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this draft up onto the blog page; it’s been ready for a little over a week now.  Anyways…hope you enjoy, and I’ll hopefully be able to start blogging a little more now.

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that your new year is well under way.  We had a busy couple of weeks, and it’s taken me awhile to get back into the swing of things…so here is everything that went on during Christmas and New Year’s.

Christmas, Part I (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day): The actual day (and the couple surrounding it) was spent with my family in the bustling metropolis of Rocky Mount.  Zoe did a great job entertaining everyone, including some of the neighbors who stopped by to visit, and I think we all had a lot of fun.  Santa brought her a rocking horse and a Tickle Me Elmo, which she loved and still does, although now she tries to have her animals ride the rocking horse and Elmo goes to “sleep” a lot.  The other gifts she thoroughly enjoys is her baby doll stroller from Gramma Joanie and Papa Joe and her “life-size” Winnie-the-Pooh from her Uncle Corey.  Here are a couple of videos from Christmas.

Christmas, Part II (Also Known As New Year’s Eve and Day): New Year’s Eve and Day were spent with Kirk’s family in Asheville.  We (Kirk and me) spent New Year’s Eve on the town with Kirk’s brother, Kyle, and his wife, Melanie, while Grandmommy and Granddaddy listened to their grandbabies sleep.  We opened presents on New Year’s Day and then watched Clemson lose (yet, again) in the Gator Bowl to Nebraska.  The rest of the time was spent hanging out with each other.  Zoe had a grand time with all of her gifts, especially the baby doll and kitchen playset from Grandmommy and Granddaddy, and she also loves the book of nursery rhymes from Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, Reese, and Davis.  I think my favorite part of the weekend was not just hanging out with everyone but also watching Zoe crack up while chasing Cooper (the dog) and listening to Zoe ask for Reese (“Beese”) and Cooper (“Cooh-pear,” sounds like pooh bear).

Santa, Take II

December 8, 2008

img_1771On Sat morning, the fam went to have Zoe’s picture taken with Santa.  Needless to say, picture taking did NOT go well.  So, this morning, I took Zoe to a different mall in Charlotte to try again.  I have to say, this Santa is the bomb.   He talked and played with Zoe as if she was his own grand-daughter, and we (myself and the “elves”) were able to get a couple of shots.


We also went Christmas tree shopping on Sunday.  I have no idea why, but tree shopping for us has always taken forever.  We end up walking the lot at least 3 times before we start seeing trees we like.  Of course, this year was no different.  I think it took us a little over an hour to pick our tree.  It seems as if all the good trees are either too small or too big.  Oh well…I like the tree we have and that’s all that matters.




Last Friday was Halloween, and every year, our neighborhood has a block party where all the kiddies dress in their Halloween costumes, the parents take side dishes, the hosts provide hamburgers and hot dogs, and there is a costume parade before all of the trick-or-treating festivities.  Of course, because most of the kids are under the age of 5, they don’t make it to our street (we only had 2 groups of trick-or-treaters), but maybe as Zoe gets older, we’ll start having more.  Here are a few pictures from the block party. ( BTW, I really don’t like the picture above of me, but since there are so few pictures of the 3 of us, I thought I would include it. )



img_1669 On the way to the party with “Bear” in tow.

img_1672Kirk and Zoe wait in line to show off Zoe’s costume.

img_1674 I’m not the best picture taker in the world, hence, Kirk’s head got chopped off, but I couldn’t resist showing how the “hat” was too big, and Zoe had a hard time seeing when she was wearing it.

img_16771 A random neighbors’ chair that Zoe thought looked comfy.