Ok.  So maybe a few words… :>)  Cole took his first and honest to goodness steps on Mother’s Day morning in front of Kirk and Mr. Vince.  Of course, I was still snoozing (it was Mother’s Day!), and when we tried to get him to walk again, he would only take one or two steps.  The video was taken either the Wednesday or Thursday after Mother’s Day (I can’t remember).  Currently, he prefers to walk everywhere, but he can’t stand up without pulling on something, so if he loses his balance, he’ll crawl to something to pull up, stand up, and continue on his merry little way!


Craziness Ensues

April 4, 2009

I was planning on writing a 21-month-old update for Zoe in the middle of March, but as I’m sure most of you know, it didn’t happen because Zoe’s baby brother decided to enter the world seven weeks early.  Before going into Cole’s entrance into the world, here’s a couple of pictures of Zoe that I was going to include in her update post:img_2041


Kirk and Zoe pose before the Alston and Bird, LLP Corporate Cup Run.  Apparently, Zoe felt her tiger should go for the run as well.




img_2040 Zoe hangs out in her ride for the run.

 One of 1st warm Spring days, I filled up the water table outside and Zoe had a blast; the water table now has a beach added from her sand box complete with rocks that she’s found lying around in the yard.  She decided that the hat completed her outfit.img_20481img_2055







Cole’s Entrance into the Big, Wide, World:

  img_2065At around 24 weeks of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with placenta previa.  Basically, Cole’s placenta attached to the lower part of my uterus instead of the upper part and ended up covering the entrance to the birth canal.  No biggie – I was going to schedule a c-section a few weeks early so there wouldn’t be any complications, and the doctors said to expect spontaneous bleeding as I got closer to my due date.  With every bleed (I had 2 after I was diagnosed.), I called the doctor and then went to the hospital to make sure everything was A-OK.  The 1st one was scary (Kirk and I were in DC at the time), but after 6 hours of IV fluids and strict instructions to stay off my feet, we were allowed back to the hotel.  The 2nd one happened around 3:30am on Mar. 13th.  I called the MD, who then said call for an ambulance, which I did.  After being admitted into the hospital, I was told that I would be staying until at least Mon because the MD wanted to do a couple of steroid injections to help speed up Cole’s development, just in case.  Everything was honky-dory; the MD was allowing me to get up to use the bathroom, and they were getting ready to take me off the monitors and send me to the special maternal care ward when I started bleeding again, but this time, it was coupled with regular uterine contractions.  The nurse gave me terbutyline to help slow the contractions down, but I started bleeding again (it’s now around 12am, Mar 14th.)  The MD said enough is enough and decided to do an emergency c-section.  By the time the nurse called Kirk (he was at home to get some good sleep and to help with Zoe), it took the MD 30 minutes to bring Cole into the world.  Here are some pics of Cole’s first few weeks:

img_2094Cole weighed 3 pounds, 13 ounces at birth.  Because he was 7 weeks early, he had to have some help breathing (contraption around his head) with bubble CPAP for about 48 hours, received his fluids by an IV for about a week, and hung out in an incubator for about a week and a half.

img_21031  Yeah!! No more CPAP.  The white “stickers” are leads for his heart monitor; the “heart sticker” is to  make sure his bed stays warm enough, the tube coming out of his mouth is a feeding tube, and the white wire coming out of his umbilical stump is his IV.


Amy holds Cole for the first time.








img_2125img_2126 Proud parents.  Cole is no longer in the incubator!  He also is taking all of his feedings from a bottle or the breast, and only has his heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter leads.

img_2129Uncle Corey meets Cole for the 1st time.

Off to School

September 2, 2008


Zoe the schoolgirl with the lunch-box that’s as big as she is!






Today was Zoe’s 1st day of “school” at Forest Hill Playschool!  I dropped her off at 9:30 this morning and then picked her up at 1pm.  Here’s her “schedule”:

9:30-9:50 greet and play

9:50-10:00 snack

10:00-10:20 craft

10:20-10:30 diaper change

10:30-11:00 rainbow room (large room to play in) or stroller walk

11:00-11:20 lunch

11:20-11:30 playtime and clean up

11:30 -12:00 castle room (push-toys, riding toys, etc)

12:00-12:30 stroller walk

12:30-12:40 diaper change

12:40-1:00 play and farewell

So, I went to pick Zoe up this afternoon, and this is what I found: Zoe sacked out in the stroller.

Her teachers, Ms. Kissha and Ms. Lisa, as well as the director of the school, Ms. Susan, said that Zoe did really well without a single tear or melt-down.  I have to add, there were no tears or sniffles on my part either!  Soooo….I think today was pretty successful!!

Where did my baby go?

August 24, 2008

Then.I can’t believe a year can fly by sooo fast!  It didn’t really hit me on Zoe’s birthday that she’s no longer a baby, but it did hit me last night.  It’s amazing to think that this time last year, we were at Aunt Melanie’s family’s lake house with Kirk’s brother, Kyle, Melanie, Reese, and Davis, and I was attempting to keep Zoe happy, which wasn’t working.  Also, I was very leery of leaving the house and going into public; not because of Zoe getting sick or anything like that, but because she was so unbelievably fussy/colicky that I never knew when she would get going or what would set her off. 


So, as I watch my now little girl eat her applesauce and chicken raviolis out of a bowl with a spoon, a fork, and her hands, I really am amazed at how much she’s changed and grown up.  I definitely don’t miss those 1st several months, but wow…

Anyways… Zoe is growing like a little weed.  It seems that almost daily, she’s doing something or saying something new.  So here’s the update:  

Communication: Verbally, she says: dada (daaa..), mama, bear, duck, up (dup), stuck, hot (dot), Ollie (Ah-e), hi, cheese, juice, all done, zeke (see), dog (uf-uf), hat (dat), bad (while looking at Zeke and holding up her 2 index fingers), and this (I think; she says, “dis” while pointing to whatever she wants).  Of course, to a stranger, most of the words aren’t understandable, but I know what’s she saying.  With her signing, she also says: more, all done, eat, drink, milk, please, nap/night-time, thank-you, and bath.  She also shakes her head no and knows that a dog says, “uf-uf”, and a cow says, “oooo”. 

Motor skills: sliding by herself (see previous post), trying to jump, throwing a ball, running (well, it’s between a fast walk and a run now), walking on her tiptoes, stepping up/down while holding onto a hand, occasionally kick a ball (walking into a ball on purpose), scribbling with crayons, and putting lids on and off containers. And, 1 fun thing – she thinks Zeke is for  riding.                                                                                          

Self-help skills: Helps with putting on and taking off her clothes, brushes her hair, if you give her a brush, knows that a toothbrush is for brushing her teeth (she just gnaws on the bristles, though), attempts to use a fork and spoon, and drink from an open cup with supervision.

Cognitive: She can follow simple 2-step commands (go and get a book) or complex 1-step commands (Zoe, your diaper needs to be changed.  Let’s go upstairs.)  Can match up the circle, triangle, and square shapes in a shape sorter.  On an icky note, she’s also throwing small temper tantrums, hitting Zeke (and, occasionally a parent), and occasionally has issues with separation anxiety.  Alas, Zoe is not perfect.

I almost forgot, you can’t see in the pictures,  but Zoe now has 3 teeth!!  YEAH!  Her top right tooth finally broke through the gumline earlier this week.  Maybe she’ll have all of her teeth just when all of her friends start losing theirs. :>) 

 On a more fun note, Papa Joe and Gramma Joanie were here last weekend.  They watched Zoe, while Kirk and I went to the Smashing Pumpkins concert.  (thanks again, mom and dad!)  We had a grand time, and to get us in the mood for football season, the grandparents did a little spoiling.                                                        

Whew…sorry this entry is soooo long, but I’m done now.  Have a great week!


August 22, 2008

Zoe has learned that she can slide by herself!  Of course, Kirk and I are close by, just in case, she decides to try and slide head 1st.  Check it out!

Since these videos were taken (about 10 days ago), Zoe is now able to climb up the stairs by herself, and slide down with control!

If the shoe fits…

June 5, 2008

We have found a shoe that fits!  It’s actually considered a “prewalker” shoe according to the Stride Rite website, but personally, I would rather Zoe have this shoe anyway.  As you can see the toes are reinforced — perfect for all the ups and downs and climbing that she’s doing, plus it will give her great traction when she is walking.


June 2, 2008

About an hour ago, Zoe took her first steps towards being a full-fledged toddler.  That’s right, I said, “steps”!!  She decided to stand up and then took 3 very quick, very small baby steps to reach the coffee table.  So, I now need to charge the battery for the camcorder so that we can record this momentous occasion into prosterity.  And, maybe, just maybe, Zoe will be walking by the time we head to Vegas in a couple weeks.  It sure would be nice not to have to worry about where her hands are going on the icky carpets in the resort! :>)