Spring 2010 007

{“…We.Thought.You.Was.A.Toad!…”  Quote from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?}

A month ago, Zoe and her class from Kinhaven took their first field trip.  The field trip was to the Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA.  It was so much fun watching the kids listen to the park ranger talk about frogs, toads, and tadpoles, enjoy finding “treasures” on the nature hike, and playing Tag after our picnic lunch.

Spring 2010 003 {Zoe poses with the turtles.  I really don’t think this looks like her very much; I mean, she looks sooo big and is totally giving me a fake smile!}

Spring 2010 002{Zoe waves “hello” to the turtles.  BTW, all the kids had to wear the bandana while on the trip; it had the school name and phone number.}

Spring 2010 006

{Some of Zoe’s classmates listening to the ranger talk about frogs.  I love how you can just “see” their brains soaking up the info.}

 Spring 2010 012

{Everyone watching the ranger catch some tadpoles out of the pond.}

Spring 2010 013

{Mr. Serious.  Cole enjoyed hanging out with the big kids, but at this point, I think he just wanted to take a nap.}

Spring 2010 016

{Zoe and her teacher, Ms. Kayna, check out the tadpoles.}

Sara and Zoe

{Zoe and Sara.  Photo courtesy of Sara’s mom.}

Spring 2010 026

{The Tigers T/TH Class.  From L to R: Kai, Bryn, Zoe, Caleb, Tyler, Avery, Sara, Emmett (behind Sara, can’t be seen), Sophie.  Not pictured: Jake}

It was so fun to see Zoe in action with her classmates!  I never would’ve thought that Zoe would turn into a big kid overnight.  Granted, she still has her little kid meltdowns at times, but I loved watching her play tag, toss rocks in the creek, and really enjoy the museum displays.


Spirit Week

May 22, 2010

The last week of April/first week of May was Spirit Week at Kinhaven School.  Each day during the week was a “special” day. 

Tuesday was “Pajama Day”.  Each kid got to wear their pjs, and they could take a favorite blanket, pillow, or bedtime buddy.

Spring 2010 001

Spring 2010 002 {Every day before and after drop-off/pick-up the kids can spend time in the gym playing with scooters, bikes, wagons, or just running around.  I love how Zoe looks like she is having the time of her life.}

Spring 2010 006

Spring 2010 003{Some pictures of Zoe with “Bear” after pick-up.  In the bottom picture, Zoe is pretending to be asleep; a new thing that she does when she doesn’t want to have her picture taken.}

Thursday was “Costume Day”.  Zoe went as a “princess”.  Actually, she just wore a regular dress that she thinks a princess would wear.  Also, each child took 1 flower per teacher to put into a bouquet for their teachers.  At lunchtime, she had a pizza party, and then I was the “mystery reader” – one time a week, Zoe’s class has a different surprise guest (usually a parent) read them a story of their choosing.  I didn’t tell Zoe because I wanted to see her surprise – she was super excited!  I read “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”, one of my favorite all-time stories when I was Zoe’s age.  Sorry, no pics…

Friday was the “big finale” of Spirit Week.  Even though Zoe doesn’t go to school on Fridays, we were invited to attend the puppet show. 

Spring 2010 003

Spring 2010 004{Zoe and Sara wait for the puppet show to start.}

Spring 2010 011{The Kinhaven Student Body.}

Spring 2010 008{The director of Kinhaven, Ms. Amy, is giving instructions to the students on how to be good listeners.}

Spring 2010 012

Spring 2010 013{One of the 2 stories that the puppeteers performed.  This was their version of “The Frog Prince”.}

Just an update

September 16, 2008

I just realized that it’s been a couple of weeks, and I haven’t written an update or posted pictures or anything, so here it is:

First things first:  It was bound to happen.  Zoe has totally spoiled me when it comes to her health.  She’s only had a couple of colds that never required antibiotics, just a little TLC, the humidifier, and some saline nose drops.  So, she caught a cold over Labor Day weekend, and it just wasn’t getting better; in fact, it was getting a little worse with a cough.  We went and saw Zoe’s pal, Dr. Kocmond, and low and behold, we are now on amoxicillin.  Zoe has a little fluid in one of her ears, and since it had been over 10 days (normal wait it out period for a cold), he thought it would help prevent the cold from progressing into a bacterial bronchitis.  When I went to open her medicine and give it to her, I totally had a flash-back of standing by the refrigerator with my mouth open wide, and my mom dishing out the wonderful pink medicine.  Needless to say, Zoe loves the pink stuff, and starts to jump up and clap her hands when she sees me shaking the bottle!

School Update: Zoe is doing awesome at school; she does get a little upset for about 5 seconds when I hand her off to her teachers (I don’t think this would happen if she walked into the class on her own accord, but hey, I don’t want to upset the apple cart).  So far, she has come home with a decorated tongue depressor magnet that has (I think) 3 fingerprints with mom, zoe, and dad written underneath it (the weekly theme was “my family”), and today she came home with her 1st marker masterpiece, along with marker on her fingers, her pants, and her shirt.  Good thing they use washable markers!!

 Tongue depressor art

 Magic marker fun on the red firetruck

2 weekends ago, Kirk, Zoe, and I packed up the car and headed to Tiger country for the 1st Clemson home game.  Zoe was a hit in her cheerleading outfit, lasted for 3 quarters of the game (she loved listening to the fight song and watching all the movement down on the field), and had a grand time “camping” in grand-daddy’s and grand-mommy’s RV.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures…I was the bad mommy and forgot to take the camera into the stadium.  I’ll try to get some good pictures this weekend (if Zoe is awake for any of the game (it’s at 1pm).

Last week, I awarded myself the “mommy-of-the-year” award.  I had been noticing that Zoe had been trying to take her shoes off a lot, so I went on a hunting expedition for 1 more pair of sandals to make it until it was cool enough to wear shoes and socks.  To my dismay (and joy!), Zoe’s feet have grown from her 2.5 size sandals to a size 4!  No wonder the poor girl was trying to take her shoes off!  Sooo…I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, neither of which are sandals, but I think they’ll last at least until Christmas time.

 New kicks – a pair of tennys and a pair of mary jane’s. 

On a cute note, as we were driving home from school this afternoon, Zoe decided to have a conversation with her little bear that stays in the car to keep her entertained.  She kept saying, “Hi!” and waving to it, giving it kisses, and then giving it hugs.  I couldn’t help but have a grin on my face all the way home.