Spring 2010 007

{“…We.Thought.You.Was.A.Toad!…”  Quote from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?}

A month ago, Zoe and her class from Kinhaven took their first field trip.  The field trip was to the Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, VA.  It was so much fun watching the kids listen to the park ranger talk about frogs, toads, and tadpoles, enjoy finding “treasures” on the nature hike, and playing Tag after our picnic lunch.

Spring 2010 003 {Zoe poses with the turtles.  I really don’t think this looks like her very much; I mean, she looks sooo big and is totally giving me a fake smile!}

Spring 2010 002{Zoe waves “hello” to the turtles.  BTW, all the kids had to wear the bandana while on the trip; it had the school name and phone number.}

Spring 2010 006

{Some of Zoe’s classmates listening to the ranger talk about frogs.  I love how you can just “see” their brains soaking up the info.}

 Spring 2010 012

{Everyone watching the ranger catch some tadpoles out of the pond.}

Spring 2010 013

{Mr. Serious.  Cole enjoyed hanging out with the big kids, but at this point, I think he just wanted to take a nap.}

Spring 2010 016

{Zoe and her teacher, Ms. Kayna, check out the tadpoles.}

Sara and Zoe

{Zoe and Sara.  Photo courtesy of Sara’s mom.}

Spring 2010 026

{The Tigers T/TH Class.  From L to R: Kai, Bryn, Zoe, Caleb, Tyler, Avery, Sara, Emmett (behind Sara, can’t be seen), Sophie.  Not pictured: Jake}

It was so fun to see Zoe in action with her classmates!  I never would’ve thought that Zoe would turn into a big kid overnight.  Granted, she still has her little kid meltdowns at times, but I loved watching her play tag, toss rocks in the creek, and really enjoy the museum displays.


Williamsburg Weekend

May 31, 2010


Once in a blue moon, you come across people with whom you just “click”.  Kirk and I have found that in our friends, Vince and Melissa Walker.  I’ve talked about the Walker family a few times here on the blog.  Both of our families moved into the Washington area last August, our girls are the same age, and since then we’ve become good friends. 

So, we (Kirk, Vince, Melissa, and I) had talked about going away together for a weekend – a real “test” of our friendship.  (You never know, we could’ve gone on a trip and realized, “Wow…we really don’t have a lot in common…”, but that didn’t happen.)  We all decided that Williamsburg would be the destination, and that Mother’s Day weekend was the best weekend.  So, we packed our bags, headed to a two-bedroom suite at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, and spent a really fun weekend taking in the sights at Williamsburg and enjoying each other’s company.

Here’s the lowdown on the weekend:

Friday night – arrived and unpacked

Saturday morning until naptime – toured Colonial Williamsburg

Saturday afternoon during naps – Melissa and I had “lomi lomi” massages at the Kings Mill Resort Spa (unbelievable and definitely one of the best massages I’ve had!)

Saturday afternoon after naps – Kirk, Vince, and the kids joined me and Melissa at the “Sports Club” for a little swimming before dinner

Sunday – packed up, had an amazing brunch at the resort’s restaurant, did a little sight-seeing at the College of William & Mary, and then headed home

Spring 2010 027{Cole checks out Zoe’s “bed” at the resort – Kirk’s sleeping bag unzipped with the duvet from our bed.  They both loved it!}

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

Spring 2010 002{The Governor’s Palace.  This is where the Royal Governors and their families lived when Virginia was still an English colony.  It’s also where the first 3 governors of the State of Virginia lived (including Thomas Jefferson).} Spring 2010 011{One of the children’s beds in the palace.  This was for the 6-year-old little girl.  I loved Zoe’s reaction to it.  She saw it, and said, “Oooh, Mommy!  Look!  I love it!!!”}

 Spring 2010 012

{I can’t remember what room this was in the palace, but the portrait is of Queen Charlotte, the namesake of Charlotte, NC.}

Spring 2010 024 

{I love Zoe’s expression; to me, it says, “Really?!  Enough of the stupid pictures, already!!”}

Spring 2010 028 

{A gentleman out for a ride.  It was really neat to see all the people working in Colonial Williamsburg while in “character”.}

Spring 2010 068 

{Zoe shows off Margaret, a doll we picked up for her at an outdoor market in Williamsburg.}

Spring 2010 072

{Zoe and Catherine holding their matching “Margaret” dolls and having some sort of conversation while Melissa and I listen to a gentleman talk about the courthouse.}

Spring 2010 078

{Mr. Vince and the girls dancing in our suite at the Kingsmill Resort.}

So, there you have it…a little vacay with the Walker family…we saw some sights, we had a lot of fun, and we hope to do it again, soon!!  Thanks for the fantabulous time, Walker family!!

Clemyjontri Park

May 17, 2010

Spring 2010 053{Zoe and Cole play in the airplane in the “Movin and Groovin’ Transportation Area” at Clemyjontri Park.} 

Continuing on my quest to catch up, towards the end of April, we had a fun day with the Walker family.  First, we had lunch at Elevation Burger, and then we headed over to McLean, VA to a really fun park.  Clemyjontri Park (AKA “Rainbow Park”, according to Zoe) is a 2-acre playground that was developed so that all children (abled and disabled) can play side by side.  The playground is set up with “4 rooms” surrounding a carousel.   

playground-aerial{Aerial view of Clemyjontri Park.}

Spring 2010 008

Spring 2010 014{Zoe and Cole swinging in the “Rainbow Room”.  Zoe’s swing is a swing that is actually for disabled children.  This is Cole’s 1st time riding on a “big kid” swing by himself.}

Spring 2010 020{Melissa, Zoe, Catherine, and Kirk pose before taking a ride on the carousel.}

Spring 2010 021{Amy and Cole on the carousel.  This is Cole’s first time riding the carousel.}

Spring 2010 023

Spring 2010 025{Zoe and Catherine have fun while riding the carousel.}

Spring 2010 035

Spring 2010 051 {Zoe, Catherine and Cole play on the airplane in the “Movin and Groovin’ Transportation Area”.}

Ok.  So, I’m still way behind on posting, and I have got to catch up before we head back to Charlotte in 4 very short weeks (whew, I have a LOT to do before then!!) 

Spring 2010 002 <Bust of George Washington>

Anyway…about a month ago, we took a day trip to Mount Vernon to see George Washington’s homestead with our friends, Vince and Melissa and their daughter, Catherine.  We had a lot of fun checking out the house, seeing the farm, and really, just enjoying the day and each other’s company.  (Isn’t that what day trips with friends are supposed to be about, anyway?)

Here are some of my more favorite photos:

Spring 2010 014<Mount Vernon.>

Spring 2010 010 <Cole checking out an interactive display in the children’s area of the museum.>

Spring 2010 045

Spring 2010 053

<The Fams.  Top: The Walker Family.  Bottom: The Bradley Family.>



Spring 2010 064 Spring 2010 083 Spring 2010 090

Spring 2010 100

 Spring 2010 115 <From top to bottom.  1: Kirk and Zoe goofing off.  2: Amy, Zoe, and Cole.  3: Thought this was kinda cool of Vince taking a pic of Melissa and cat with the cool shaped tree.  4:  Melissa with Catherine and Zoe.  5:  Amy and Zoe pet the sheep.  I was very proud of Zoe; up until these photos, Zoe wouldn’t get within 10 feet of a live animal that was larger than her.>

Solo Field Trip

May 9, 2010

Some early morning pics while hanging out around the house, before we left for the day’s excursion.

Spring 2010 002

 Spring 2010 004

Spring 2010 007

 Spring 2010 008

I’m not really sure why, but up until recently, I didn’t venture too far outside of Arlington without Kirk.  So, about a month ago I put on a brave face, packed a picnic, and the kids and I headed to the US Botanic Garden to take in the spring blooms.  Here are some pictures – Zoe loved the flowers.

Spring 2010 014

Spring 2010 016 Spring 2010 019

Spring 2010 024

This year, the Chinese New Year was on Feb 14th.  Kirk, Zoe, Cole, and I decided to celebrate by inviting some friends to go to the New Year Parade in DC’s Chinatown on Sat, Feb 13th.  Unfortunately, we only caught the tail-end of the parade (Twice, I might add – it was the way the parade wrapped around Chinatown.), and we never even went completely into Chinatown (Well, we never went under the Friendship Gate that denotes the entrance into Chinatown).  We did have a ton of fun, and I look forward to having a great “Year of the Tiger.” Winter 2010 010

(Dragon.  Zoe thought the dragon and the lion were scary, and she didn’t want to get very close.  Personally, I think it was the combination of the lion and dragon moving as well as the drums that came behind them.)

Winter 2010 021

(Zoe and Kirk watch the parade.)

Winter 2010 024

(The Daddies and their girls.)

 Winter 2010 026

(Amy and Cole.)