The Spring Dance recital is always a big deal, partly because of the costumes.  It was so cute; the teachers called all the parents in, and each dancer was given her costume.  Then there was the trying on, the professional pictures, and a low-key dress rehearsal.


<Zoe’s class.  She’s the farthest to the right. >


< Zoe’s first look at her costume.  I see pink!! >


< Zoe is SUPER excited about her costume being pink – her favorite color. >


< Trying on of the costume. >


< Zoe’s friend, Ainsley, models their recital costume. >


<The playgroup gang.  From L to R: Emi, Kyrie, Zoe, Maisie, and Liza >


<The playgroup gang, part 2.  From L to R: Emi, Zoe, Maisie, Liza, Brooks, and Kyrie>


End of School

August 8, 2011

Yep, school is about to start in less than a month, and I’m just now blogging about the end of the 2010-2011 school year.  The past school year was so amazing, and it makes me really look forward to the upcoming school year and all of the great memories we’re going to make.

Here are a couple of pictures and a few short videos of the Parent Sing-a-Long.


< Cole’s class with his teachers, Ms. Kim (sitting) and Ms. Sharon (standing).


< Zoe’s class with her teachers, Mrs. Haenlein (on right) and Mrs. Warmath (on left). >

< This song was the “theme” for the school year. >

< Zoe and Morgan paired themselves for this song.>

< I think Zoe is over the whole sing-a-long.  What do you think? >

A Mini-Vacay

August 6, 2011

Sometime around the middle of May, Zoe, Cole, and I headed to North Myrtle Beach with our friends, Alicia and Morgan.  Back in October, Alicia had bid on a trip to North Myrtle Beach and won, so she asked us if we would be interested in going with Morgan and her.  The weather was perfect, and the kids had a blast!  Thanks Alicia and Morgan, we had so much fun with you!

Here’s a short video of the best pictures, but if you don’t have the inclination of watching the video, some of my favorite pictures are below the video.

photo (1)_edited-1








photo (4)_edited-1

Mother’s Day Weekend

July 14, 2011

Mother’s Day was busy this year.  It started off with a picnic lunch with Zoe and her class at her preschool – nothing too crazy, just a fun time with my favorite little girl.  Then, we headed to Atlanta for a wedding for one of Kirk’s cousins.  We ended the weekend with a Bradley family breakfast at the original The Flying Biscuit Cafe, a couple of gifts from my favorite people in the whole world, and headed home to unwind a little bit before beginning the next week.  I didn’t take many pictures; here are a few, including some that Kirk took at the wedding with his phone.


< The kids’ gifts – school crafts and an unbelievably sweet picture book that I still can’t read without having a mega sob-fest. >

Here’s Zoe’s class singing a special song for Mother’s Day:

A couple of shots of Kirk’s cousin, John, and his new wife, Kelly, during their wedding reception.

IMAG0007 IMAG0011

It’s been forever since I posted, and I’m REALLY way behind.  I’m hoping to be caught up soon (maybe by the end of summer…).  Anyway, at the end of April, we had a perfect Spring weekend, so Kirk and I packed all 3 “kids” (2 kids + 1 dog) up and headed to a greenway that my friend, Brooke, wrote about on her blog a year ago.  By the end of the trip, we had enjoyed a great picnic and spent some good ol’ fashioned quality family time!


< Billy Graham’s ancestral family home. >

I have to tell ya, this greenway is awesome.  Located just over the border in Fort Mill, SC, the greenway is comprised of 35 miles (& growing!) of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, the 28-acre Lake Haigler, and campsites.  The greenway will eventually hook up with the greenway system in Charlotte as part of a multi-state greenway system.  If you’re interested, here’s some more info:  




< One of Zoe’s new favorite skills – climbing trees.  Of course, Cole has to do everything Zoe does! >



< Cole being “all boy” and checking out the rocks. >


< Zoe and Cole sitting on the porch of Billy Graham’s family’s house.  There was a small herd of cows that the kids could watch, and Cole kept mooing at them. >



< Our typical little boy – one minute, he’s super excited and silly; the next, he’s super sweet and calm. >



< Zoe’s first attempt at taking a picture with a real camera.  I think she did pretty well! >

DSC_0004_edited-1 DSC_0017_edited-1

DSC_0032_edited-1 DSC_1578_edited-1





DSC_0037_edited-2 copy

Easter 2011

June 11, 2011

This year, Easter was a whirlwind of field trips, baking, Easter egg hunts, and both Gramma Joanie and Grandmommy visits.  I already blogged about the baking and the filed trips here and here.  The only thing left to blog about is our Easter Egg Hunt with our playgroup and the actual Easter.  So, here’s the rest of our Easter for your enjoyment!

First, the Easter Egg Hunt.  This year’s playgroup egg hunt was in the backyard of the Willette’s house.  Let me tell you; they have the BEST backyard for Easter egg hunts, and Ms. Anne did a superb job hiding the eggs!


< The race is on! >


< Zoe checks out her loot. >


< Cole, “baby” Eve, and Stellyn were more interested in the bubbles. >


< “Baby” Eve  >

Zoe easter egg hunt_edited-1

< Zoe, mid-hunt. >


< The gang (L to R): Kyrie, Brooks, Jordan, Bailey, Zoe, Emi.  Back row: Cole, Kate, Aston, and Connor.  Missing: Riley, Stellyn, Eve, Javier, Andres, Mia, Maisie, Liza, Morgan, Lily, and Stella. >

(You can check out more Easter Egg hunt pics at Kate and Eve’s, and Aston and Stellyn’s blogs. )

Next up: the Easter bunny arrives at our house.  I didn’t get any pictures of the kids checking out their baskets, but I managed to snap a couple before they woke up.


Last, but not least.  With the help of Grandmommy, we were able to get dressed and arrive at church in plenty of time to find a good seat, put Cole in child care, and take a few pictures.


DSC_1323 Grandmommy, Zoe, and Cole at church_edited-1

< Grandmommy, Zoe, and Cole at church, Sharon Presbyterian. >


< Zoe during the Children’s service. >

Zoe and Cole at church


So, still in April (I will catch up one day!)…my mom and I took the kids to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Gastonia, NC.  We went in between early spring blooms and late spring blooms, but the garden was beautiful, and Zoe and Cole had a blast running around and checking out all of the fountains, flowers, and just exploring everything.



< Our first ladybug sighting of the year. >

DSC_1039_edited-lomo vignette



< Snapdragons – one of Zoe’s favorite flowers; she thinks the name is funny. >



< The main fountain in the canal garden portion of the gardens. >



< Zoe and Cole play on a wooden statue structure. >



< A cool interactive fountain.  The fountain turns on when you run through.  Zoe had a blast; Cole not so much – he refused to run through. >





Playtime at the Park

May 30, 2011

Zoe and Cole slide

While my mom was here in April, we loaded the troops up and headed to one of the kids favorite parks, the William Davies Park (AKA “The Castle Park” to Zoe; one of the play structures has some castle turrets).  It was a nice early Spring day, and since I had all sorts of hands to watch the kids, I took the camera along in hopes of a few good pictures.

Cole in tunnel


< Cole in one of the tunnels.  The top picture was from April.  The bottom picture was from August 2010.  Look how big he is now! >

Cole on slide

serious Cole

< For whatever reason, Cole was Mr. Serious on this day.  Not too many smiles for the camera! >

GJ and me

< My mom, Gramma Joanie, and me. >

Zoe and Cole on swing

< Cole and Zoe on the swings.  Cole has recently decided that he does not want to be in the “baby” swings! >

Zoe on swing

< Zoe swinging.  This picture doesn’t really show how unbelievably good at pumping Zoe is.  She gets going so that she’s now “catching air” , and she can swing for a long time.  In fact, her teacher, Mrs. Haenlein, wrote a note home in the spring time that Zoe stayed on the swing the whole time they were outside (30 minutes!).  >

Zoe on ladder

< Zoe climbs the ladder to the fireman’s pole. >

Zoe and Cole in castle kiss

Little Chefs

May 23, 2011

Zoe and Cole baking-1

During Spring Break, we were lucky enough to have my mom and mother-in-law come and visit us.  One of their favorite things to do with their Gramma Joanie and Grandmommy is baking.  For once, I remembered to get some pictures of their bonding/baking sessions!

GJ and Cole 1-1 GJ and Cole-1

GJ and Zoe

< Gramma Joanie, Zoe, and Cole made sugar cookies with home-made frosting.  I grew up with these cookies every Easter; lots of good memories! >

Grandmommy, Cole, and Zoe

Grandmommy, Cole, and Zoe 1

Grandmommy, Cole, Zoe and bunny

Finished bunny cake

< Zoe, Cole, and Grand-mommy made a bunny cake.  The cake was something that Grandmommy grew up making with her mom (Nana). >

Singing in the Rain

May 15, 2011


After a recent rain shower, the kids put on their raincoats and rain boots and went out to splash in all the puddles.  Needless to say, they had a blast jumping in the puddles!

DSC_0829_edited-1 DSC_0840_edited-2DSC_0848_edited-2 DSC_0854_edited-1