CrossFit for Hope

June 9, 2012

In January, Kirk started working out at a CrossFit gym.  Fast forward five months, and the kids and I went to watch Kirk participate in a workout called “CrossFit for Hope” – a fundraising workout where the money collected goes to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.  The workout had 5 exercises: burpees, 75 pound power snatch, 24” box jumps, 75 pound thrusters, and chest to bar pull-ups.  For each exercise, you do as many reps as you can in 1 minute, and then you immediately move to the next exercise, and so on until you’ve done all 5.  And then you do it all again, and then a third time, with just 1 minute of rest between the 3 rounds. 


<About to start… Game-face on. >

I have to tell you – I was so proud of Kirk.  Not only did he raise money for a fabulous childrens hospital, but he performed the workout “Rx” (meaning he used the prescribed weights, etc., rather than scaling to lighter weights), performed the number of reps he was hoping to get (180), and the kids were able to see what Kirk does when he goes off to “exercise” in the mornings.


< Chest to bar pull-ups. >

This was the first annual CrossFit for Hope workout, and collectively over $1.2 million was raised (nationwide).  I was really happy that we were able to participate (even though my participation was from the sidelines!)  Maybe I’ll join Kirk in doing this next year!


Thanksgiving 2010

December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 088

This year, we traveled to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with the Bradley family at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie’s new house.  We had a lot of fun playing and hanging out with Grandmommy, Grand-daddy, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Melanie, and cousins, Reese and Davis!  We can’t wait to see them again at Christmastime!

Starting the day off and waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy:

Thanksgiving 2010 001

Thanksgiving 2010 002

The weekend wouldn’t be complete with a cousin Pillow Fight!!

Thanksgiving 2010 017

Thanksgiving 2010 018

Thanksgiving 2010 022

Attempt at a cousin group shot:

Thanksgiving 2010 036

<Cole climbing onto the couch to join the picture.>

Thanksgiving 2010 037

<Davis hides so he doesn’t have to have his picture taken.>

Thanksgiving 2010 046

<The group shot.  Reese playinga Wii game, Zoe and Davis watching intently, and Cole playing with the extra Wii remote. >

Playtime!  Still waiting for Grandmommy and Grand-daddy…

Thanksgiving 2010 050

Thanksgiving 2010 057

Thanksgiving 2010 073Thanksgiving 2010 074

Thanksgiving 2010 075

Thanksgiving 2010 076

Thanksgiving 2010 080

Grandmommy and Grand-daddy arrive; we eat a super-yummy dinner, and then we play a little bit of soccer (after naps!).

Fall 2010 070

Fall 2010 005

Fall 2010 018

Fall 2010 023

Fall 2010 035

< Grandmommy with the big fake! >

Fall 2010 057

Fall 2010 060

< Zoe was the resident cheer-leader during the game. >

Fall 2010 075

<  From L to R: Grand-daddy in background, Kirk, and Uncle Kyle. >

I didn’t take any pictures the rest of the weekend (Yep, these were just from Thanksgiving Day!); we were just too busy! 

Thanks to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Melanie for opening up your home and your wonderful hospitality!