This past weekend was spent in St. Augustine, FL with the Bradley family.  We had a great time visiting with everyone, and Zoe had a blast meeting all of her cousins.  Pretty much, we played games, went swimming, and celebrated my nephew, Reese’s, 5th birthday!


Zoe, Amy, and Aunt Katie (matriarch of the family)






Zoe and her cousin, Abbey





(L to R): Amy, Zoe, Kirk, Melanie, Davis, Jimmy, Nancy, Reese, Kyle

Other things going on around here:

Zoe has decided to become a full-fledged toddler and loves the 3 main things toddlers do: eat, climb, and push things around.  The eating was already solved, but to help combat the climbing onto things that aren’t so safe (like the stone hearth in the family room) and to keep her from pushing the chairs and bar stools around, we bought her a couple of new toys.  One is a grocery cart, which she loves.  Not only can she push it around, but she can also take things in and out (another toddler fascination).  The other toy is her 1st chair. 

Zoe chilling with bunny. (And yes, she drags her “animal of the day” into the chair with her!)


Hey everyone!  I’m actually writing from Vegas today.  Kirk, his parents, and his brother are at the wrestling trials, and Zoe is next door trying to go to sleep.  Since this week was spent primarily packing and getting ready to come out here, there isn’t a whole lot to report .  Zoe did excellent on the flight here; she took a short nap and then played the rest of the 4 1/2 hour trip.  Although she has woken up at 4 and 4:30, she has gone back to sleep both mornings until a more appropriate time to wake up (between 5 and 6) and is eating and sleeping at her normal times.

Reviews of stuff:

1.  The hotel: We’re staying at the Flamingo, which is in the center of the strip.  It’s been perfect so far.  The rooms are nice, clean, and nothing special, and the overall atmosphere is pretty relaxed.  Most people walk around in their swimsuits and coverups or t-shirts and shorts.  I think the casino minimums are kinda high so Kirk and everyone else has gone elsewhere.  The pool is awesome!  The main pool has all sorts of ledges so Zoe can sit on the ledge and crawl around; we haven’t tried the slides yet, but we might do that tomorrow.  The only slight issue: the adult-only pool cranks the music up at 2pm until ~5pm (I can tell what the songs are from the 12th floor), and our room faces the pool.  So, if you think you might want to stay here with itty-bitties, and they don’t do so well with noises at naptime, it’s probably not the best place to stay.  Besides for the noise in the afternoon, the resort is quiet (for a Vegas resort) but bustling and is very child friendly.  In fact, this morning when we went to the pool, there were about 10 kids under the age of 5 playing and swimming around in the little section we were in.  It’s also a great place if you don’t have kids because of the reasonable room prices, the casual atmosphere, the ability to get away from the kids at the adult-only pool, and it’s central locale.

2.  Date night.  Kirk and I went out on a date Thurs night while Grandmommy & Grand-daddy stayed to hold the fort down.  We ate at the restaurant, Shibuya ( for dinner, which was fabulous.  We had a flight of “premium” sake, chu toro (fatty tuna) sashimi appetizer, Alaskan king crab and veggie tempura, snapper sushi, shrimp tempura roll, and the green tea cake.  Everything was excellent; however, I wouldn’t recommend the shrimp tempura roll because the shrimp were overcooked.  After dinner, we saw the cirque du soleil show, KA (, which was amazing.  The show is different from a traditional cirque show in the fact that it actually had a plot.  If you like the cirque shows because there isn’t much of a plot, and you dislike Broadway shows for the same reason, this show probably isn’t for you.  

3.  Girls morning.  Nancy/Grandmommy and I went to Caesar’s Palace spa, Qua ( for a 1-hour massage.  Both of our massages were excellent, and it was nice to be pampered without having to worry about the crumb-cruncher.

So, that’s it for now.  We have some cool pics that I’ll put up when we get home.



Countdown to Vegas!

June 10, 2008

YEAH!! Vacation-time!  We are leaving on Thurs morning sometime between 9 and 10; I’m not exactly sure of the time.  The trip is two-fold: Kirk, his parents, and brother are going to watch a family friend at the wrestling Olympic trials (good luck, Jared!), while Zoe and I peruse the Vegas strip and hang out at the pool, and Zoe has the chance to enjoy her 1st birthday cake (Happy Birthday, Zoe!).

Be on the lookout for lots of pictures from the trip!

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