This past weekend was spent in St. Augustine, FL with the Bradley family.  We had a great time visiting with everyone, and Zoe had a blast meeting all of her cousins.  Pretty much, we played games, went swimming, and celebrated my nephew, Reese’s, 5th birthday!


Zoe, Amy, and Aunt Katie (matriarch of the family)






Zoe and her cousin, Abbey





(L to R): Amy, Zoe, Kirk, Melanie, Davis, Jimmy, Nancy, Reese, Kyle

Other things going on around here:

Zoe has decided to become a full-fledged toddler and loves the 3 main things toddlers do: eat, climb, and push things around.  The eating was already solved, but to help combat the climbing onto things that aren’t so safe (like the stone hearth in the family room) and to keep her from pushing the chairs and bar stools around, we bought her a couple of new toys.  One is a grocery cart, which she loves.  Not only can she push it around, but she can also take things in and out (another toddler fascination).  The other toy is her 1st chair. 

Zoe chilling with bunny. (And yes, she drags her “animal of the day” into the chair with her!)


It’s been a quiet and wet week around here.  It basically rained every afternoon, which is great for our drought, but it’s not so good if you have a cooped-up kid who would rather explore outside than play inside with cool toys.  However, yesterday was absolutely beautiful, hot, but beautiful.  We had a neighborhood social at a friend’s house, and so Zoe and I could tool around the neighborhood in something besides a stroller, we bought her a “car.”  It’s like a souped-up wagon.  We didn’t get a chance to take pictures at the party, but Kirk and I had a good time chatting with the neighbors, and Zoe had a blast covering herself in sand from head to toe, including in the diaper, etc.


Zoe was sooo excited, she couldn’t wait for Kirk to finish putting her new car together!





Zoe has come up with a new fashion design.  I call it the “flop bracelet.”  What do you think?  Is it the new fad or not?










On a sad note, “Coach” Ibrahim, former head coach of the Clemson men’s soccer team, passed away yesterday while playing his favorite pasttime, golf.  He was a great and successful coach, leading the team to several NCAA championships in the ’80s, and he was also a great businessman.  I had the opportunity to work in his stores in Clemson, and although several of the other employees didn’t really care for him, I thought he was very fair, and as long as you did your work and were friendly to the customers, he was super easy to work for and loved joking around, talking about his cars, and wondering why Americans (he’s Israeli) don’t like to play golf when it’s cloudy or a little drizzly.  He’ll be greatly missed, and my condolences go out to his family and especially his wife, Julie.


Also, I’ve added a new page entitled, “Favorite Websites”.  Feel free to check out the sites at your own leisure, and I’m sure I’ll be adding more as time goes by.

In the Dark

July 7, 2008

I hope everyone had an awesome July 4th!  I had this great plan of going to the pool after Zoe’s afternoon nap, watch the kids play games and enjoy some ice cream, but like all good ideas, this one had to be changed.  First, Zoe had a rough night on the 3rd, so we all woke up cranky and out of sorts.  Second, Zoe’s nose had decided to become a faucet, and I think she was running a very low grade fever (well, she felt warmer than normal).  So, because of the fever and nose running (oh, and also because Kirk got several poison ivy rashes after working in the yard a bunch), we decided to forego the pool thing and instead shopped for a tuxedo for Kirk.  (He has a black tie thing in August for the bar association convention.)

I know, most of you are probably thinking, “Ooh, fever, running nose; is she teething?!”  I have no idea.  Like her 1st teeth, I don’t see any swelling or whitening of her gums, and besides for the runny nose and hand in the mouth, she is honky-dory.  So, long story short, I was hoping for a cute picture of her in her sailor dress or at the pool eating ice cream (you know, something patriotic), but no, I got 2 shirts covered in snot. 🙂

On another note, Charlotte had a nice thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, and it knocked over a large oak tree, which fell into some power lines, which knocked out our power around 2:30 yesterday afternoon.  It came back on at…..6:40 am!  Oh yes, we were without power for about 16 hours; not as bad as the ice storm several years ago, but it was just as inconvenient.  We spent the afternoon checking out an open house, walking around a shopping center, and hanging out at Barnes and Noble.  We couldn’t go to the pool or to the park or go for a walk because it rained off and on until sometime between 9 and 10 pm.  Zoe was a trooper, and she didn’t even notice the darkness.  Probably because she was sleeping.  🙂

So, I think that’s it that is new and exciting in the Bradley corner of the QC.  Oh!  One more thing!  Zoe’s cousin, Davis, had his 1st birthday on Saturday.  Happy Birthday, Davis!  We hope you had a great time!

Week in Review

June 23, 2008

Hey everyone!  This week was spent trying to get back onto schedule after our great vacation to Vegas.  Zoe played hostess at one of our playdates and then decided to take an early nap halfway through all of the fun.  Zeke is (finally!) neutered and spent the week running into the wall and the backs of my legs with his elizabethan collar.  Kirk left early Friday morning to go to the NC Bar Convention in Atlantic Beach, NC, where he was elected Secretary for the Young Lawyers Division, and returned home on Sun at lunchtime.  Ollie and I did our usual; Ollie slept, and I did laundry, made Zoe her meals, and ran errands.  I know, it’s not incredibly exciting, but hey, this is what we do.




 Zeke wearing his elizabethan collar and checking out the Sunday ads.




This is what our living room typically looks like on Sunday mornings:  Zoe’s toys strewn on the floor along with the Sunday paper, which Zoe “reads”.  The only thing missing is Ollie sleeping on the couch, and Kirk and I sitting on the other couch reading the paper.




 Playgroup on Wed, 6/19 at our house.  Zoe’s “twin”, Kate, is Zoe’s oldest “friend”.  Her parents and Kirk and I met during our Bradley birthing class.  Kate turns one in the middle of July.





Zoe, Kate, and Ava splash around in the pool.